The complete guide to magnet implants

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Hi All,

Since I was getting a new magnet implant, I thought it was about time to make a new video about it. As you may have noticed there isn't really a great source for all of the information when it comes to magnets. There's the odd blog post, and a fair bit on the wiki and throughout various threads, but it's never really all been in one place. So I tried to include as much of the information that's been generated over the years as physically possible. Here's the link to the video:

Now a question for ya'll. First, do you think the video sufficiently covers things? Was there anything glaring, or did I miss something?

If it does, how does everyone feel with me announcing this thread so that people can find it quickly and have most of their questions answered?


  • Really good video, although 2 things It would be nice if in the description you included a link to and a list of what you think to be reliable sources for magnets.

  • Added the link. Since magnet suppliers vary wildly anything I put would change very quickly. I think it's better for people to come here to see what's available since it'd be more up to date.

  • Thanks, it's true that magnet suppliers are unreliable but since you got one done I thought you've found a reliable source.

  • Just talked with Glims. Since there's been so much interest, we're actually gonna see about getting another batch from the same supplier. Not sure how long it'll take to get them made and tested, but either way, should have something soonish hopefully. That said, I'd rather not flood this thread with requests to have us put people on a list. We'll make a new thread when things are ready.

    Back to the topic at hand though, thoughts on announcing this thread? Do people think the video is worthwhile as a resource?

  • I think it would be a great intro post to biohacking

  • Haven't watched video (out and about atm), but I kinda want to tear out all the little bits and put them I'm the wiki, too, if that's possible.

    I keep meaning to actually start plugging away at making the wiki a library with everything in it we could ever want... But I'm totally on steroids right now avoiding the hospital. Priorities. ;^;

    Will definitely have a bit more um... relevant things to say when I actually watch. Pardon the uselessness. >3<

  • The video is up on Hackaday.

  • Very cool. I watched the video a few times before I did my magnet implant today. In the video it looks like you implant the magnet very close to the incision which I've heard can lead to rejection. What are your thoughts?

  • as I mentioned in the video, the pocket should be a lot deeper than the magnet so the opening has room to close and heal properly. That was an early shot from when we were testing the fit and hadn't pushed it in the whole way. Eitherway you need to leave enough room for the stitch.

  • Ok cool just confirming, since I have a friend who knows haworth and thats what he told me.

  • Wow, that's a lot better than the videos that were available a few years ago when I did my own implant! I would have liked to see more discussion of the sizes (diameter and thickness) that are currently recommended.

  • Hey guys I was hoping you could answer some of my questions about magnet implants? I just ordered two magnets from Steve Haworth and I'm planing on putting them in my tragus. so my first question is do you guys have any advice on how to implant them with a piercing needle? the state I live in doesn't allow for body artists to use scalpels. My second question is that I've read on this forum that the reason people loose sensitivity of the magnet in their finger is that eventually the biocoating does break down being in an area that gets so much contact with other things and then the magnet starts to break down. will I ever have to worry about the coating breaking down in my tragus? I know I'm not gonna have any senseitivity to the magnets moving in my ear but I wanna know if I'm gonna have to replace them every 5 years or something? Thanks!
  • When it comes to magnets there are two reasons that a magnet will stop working 1 is because it had to be remagnetized after being coated meaning the magnetism will gradually fade, or coating failure meaning the body will start breaking the magnet down haworth magnets are generally thought of as safe but even so eventually the magnet will probably demagnetize
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    Can you do a video about how to remove the implant. So if we need to remove it, there is a good example of how to remove it.
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    i just wanted to say that i used this video as a guideline when i did my own implant.
    the implant went smoothly and painlessly (and with very little bleeding). and so far, its healing really nicely, no pain/inflammation/sensation loss in the finger.
    i still dont really know the scope of the feeling im supposed to feel when its fully healed, but i could sense the magnet in my phone :D

    So thx :D

  • > @JakePunk said:
    > Can you do a video about how to remove the implant. So if we need to remove it, there is a good example of how to remove it.

    I second this option
  • @JakePunk said:
    Can you do a video about how to remove the implant. So if we need to remove it, there is a good example of how to remove it.

    I third this. As well as talk about the signs of rejection, timing of removal, wound care, etc.

  • Otherwise, I thought it was very well done.

  • You did an amazing job on the vid

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