NEED TO RESET "MASTER" FOB - xEM access reader

Hey guys, its been a while since I post anything on here. I was hoping you guys could help me with a small problem. As many of you know I have two xEM access readers installed in my car to unlock and start my ignition with my RFID implant. old video here:

Over the last 3 years my battery has drained and recharged many many times due to my own carelessness. Almost every time my car has remained unaffected, however, a couple months back my ignition reader seemed to malfunction after the battery died for the 20th time. I assumed it was broken and replaced it with a new unit. Recently my battery drained again however this time both access readers stoped working properly.

It turns out the readers still function fine but what happened is that my RFID implant has become the "master" RFID fob and won't let me utilize it as a normal fob. Im positive this occurred because of the occasional battery draining because its the only time it has happened before. Do any of you know how to reset the MASTER fob? I will most likely have to recreate the drained battery conditions in order to hopefully reset the reader into accepting a new master fob.

This is the exact reader:

Thanks for the help.


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