Dually Implanted today, Experience from Day 1



  • Does anyone have the link to the Google sheet for the magnets? I'm on mobile and its hard to search through the threads.

    I want to see how many rejections of parylene magnets
    there have been.

    @mikem, do you think your source could coat rod magnets? If not, are they just discs? Dimensions?

    Like I said before Im very interested in attempting the implant we have be discussing. However the link that was provided by @BambooedBud is to discs rather than rods, which is why i ask
  • Im selling Gold coated implantable magnets.

    DM me for info and prices.
  • @Vytis8 Are these like, just plated in gold and nothing else?

    Au by itself tends to be pretty fragile among coatings >~< It's not one suggested if anything else is available, unless there's something making this a lot more resilient than just Au on it's own. Parylene does better on it's own, but usually the two are used in tandem as the standard for Parylene. It still has a temporary lifespan. >~<

    The coating is prone to getting damaged during implanting, it only takes a tiny tiny scratch to compromise the whole thing, and the tiny layer tends to be pretty fragile. :s
  • @chrisbot. dm me and we can discuss
  • All right everyone, it’s been two years that I have implants in the first joint of each thumb. If you have any questions,happy to help & answer :)

  • Hey, how is the placement in the thumbs working out for you? Considering, you probably use them quite a lot, how much do you actually notice the magnets during everyday life, when working with non-magnetic objects?

    Also, is the paylene working out for you? I read several comments with people wondering about its long term viability.
    I hope my questions are actually understandable. My English is not particulary good, sorry.

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