Heart chakra, what cells are in here and repair-related hormones are in here?


I need to repair my heart chakra.

Ahout the heart chakra:

It is centered on the chest, lies at the start of the sternum. I suspect a system of nerves (separate) to lie at that exact point, or somewhat lower/higher, probably related to the heart.

Do not get into how odd this sounds, unnecessety is unrequired..

I need to know the name of natural hormones which have to deal with repair of this system.

Also, I need to know the exact cells at that location.

The technology required is unrequired to know or be available for now.

Could anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.


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    Ah the perils of the biohack forums.

    Unnecessity is a good descriptor for this post.

  • Oh yeah I deleted half the post. That's where the title went wrong.

    btw, trybalwolf, please respond with something useful. I come here because I know my way, not to be told a nevermind. I might very well learn in a complete different way than you do, to who you do not know, please do not judge. No offense, but I guess biohackers may not be the most common folks just yet. Don't standardize me please
  • There's no such thing as a "chakra nerve bundle". If someone's trying to sell you a treatment for it, they're trying to scam you.

    Educate yourself.

  • Thank you countseven, will take a look at it
  • @Background were there a "useful" reply, I assure you I would give one. This however, is analogous to asking "How do I fix the crack in my flying unicorn's horn?". I'd try crazy glue btw.

    In the case of your original query, I'd just refer you to @countseven's advice. Educate yourself. Half an hour of study and rational thinking should take care of your damaged chakra issue.

  • Closing this thread. Chakras don't exist, and this discussion is not productive. If you want to talk about nerve regeneration, or cell varieties in particular tissues, start a separate thread.

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