Magnet implant healing time

Hi everybody! I've been loosely following activity on here for a few years now, but I only just got my first implant (a 125kHz RFID), and am hoping to get a magnet implant soon. However, I work in food service, so I use both my hands a lot. Obviously I need to minimize use of the implant location during the healing process, but how long will I need to take off of work entirely to let the wound start to heal? I can use mostly my right hand for things, and I can avoid heavy lifting for as long as necessary, but I do have to use my left hand for some minor things from time to time. Does anyone else have experience with magnet implants in food service, and are there any recommendations for downtime after implanting?


  • What do you do in food service? Cook, server, host?
    Depending what you do, you may not have to take any time off of work.
    I tracked healing once mine was implanted, since it seemed like there weren't many resources for that.

    I think a lot of it depends on wound closure, mine was sealed well and I was able to work in my lab (very hands on) the next day. There may be some bruising and you'll definitely want to be cautious with it, though.

  • I do everything, but mostly cooking. I'm getting mine done professionally, though I'd like to do future ones myself. Is a particular closure method going to be better suited to immediate use?
  • I didn't work food service, but I was doing wine delivery during my healing period. I think that you might need at least a couple days off immediately after, but as long as it's your left ring finger you can do most everything. A stitch worked really well for me although I had to trim it a couple times because it was getting caught on my mittens as I was taking them on and off. You might try taping your pinky and ring finger before to practice, it didn't take me long to learn not to use my left ring finger.

  • I will get a magnet implant next year,and I work at a delicatess department. I try to learn not to use my left ring finger. I think starting this experiment early is better.

  • I've got three magnets. To close it takes me about a week, sometimes five or six days. The finger is usable in about four, if you're gentle. My last one was put in on the first, and I could use my finger normally about a week ago.
  • I put a bandage around my ring finger, which made it so annoying to use that I just didn't. I didn't work a job involving a variety of manual movements but it should be fine. I would plan a couple days off (4 sounds good) just to get used to it in case.
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