Google Deprecates Unlock with NFC Option

So Google has decided to remove NFC from it's "trusted devices" options for "Smartlock"
Mashable article:

Google claims the lack of usage is to blame. People who had NFC paired for unlocking previous to September(ish, maybe June even) can still use theirs as long as they do not change it , or try to add new NFC pairings.
For the rest, new users, you can now only "trust" Bluetooth devices.

Clearly for us that doesn't work: bluetooth isn't precise enough to tell if a phone is in your hand or in the back seat of your car; must have it's own power; larger chips/antennas.

Reddit Thread:

The Reddit thread contains links to Android/Google Bug Tracker threads, that maybe your voice can be added to, but who knows if Google will listen. Example:

If anyone finds a really great, trustworthy unlock app for Android, hit me up! Using an app with admin rights is far less secure than an OS inbuilt function. Derp Google.


  • Yeah, this was a big brouhaha around Sept. I haven't found a good, trustworthy application to replace it, but I'm convinced there's a way around it with Oreo's new "locksettings" command.

    Forcing NFC to be usable on the lockscreen is the hard part.

  • @Kraynyan sorry, late reply... i got so disappointed i gave up on getting a chip implant temporarily.
    I've tried two lock screen 3rd party apps, and they were garbage. One didn't work at all, the other created a second "lock screen", replacing the real one. So you'd have to disable the actual security on the phone, then unlock with this app. It was horrible looking and disabling the lock screen wreaks havoc with the security of more, well, secure apps that require an OS level lock screen.

    I'm getting some chips in from China in the next week or two, and intend to implant at least one anyways, even if at this point can't use it to unlock the phone. maybe in the future, maybe a custom O/S, maybe google will reverse their (in my opinion) stupid decision.

    if you find anything cool, lemme know too!

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