Connecting wires in the body

Okay, there've been some posts in other discussions, but I figure it might be a good idea to pull everything together.  This thread is about how we'll connect wires together inside our bodies.

My simple suggestion is based on an underground wire connector, simply a nub of bioproof material.  Twist the two wires together, slide the cap over, fill with hot glue.  Shouldn't be too hard to expand that to multiple splices, either.  I figure that, with so little hot glue being used, it should cool fast enough to not cause a problem.  My main concern is that the hot glue won't be sterile, since we can only sterilize the surface and the gun.

What else do people have?


  • if you go that way.. you can simply use PTFE shrinking tube. and insert one wire from each side. no hot glue neccessary. all you have to do is heat the shrinking tube up. i'd suggest some connectors used for regular circuits instead of twisting together some wires. like used in better quality pin headers or so.
    i am not sure if it is too much of a good idea to heat shrinking tubes close to tissue during a surgery tho.
  • How about something like those apple-magnet-connectors?
    everything encapsuled in silicone except some (silver/gold) connector parts and the magnets inside the couplings pull the whole thing together (tightly) and in bring the connecting parts in place.
    It should be quite stable, though if one module should fail, this connection could also easily be altered (unplugged/replugged)
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