Stories of side perks to your implants

So I discovered a trick with my firefly earlier this week. A little backstory first, I have a very hard time feeling if I am dehydrated. I just don't feel the usual stuff that people feel when they don't have enough hydration. One thing that always works is the skin pinch test. Given that I have my firefly in a relatively shallow placement in my hand, I noticed that the "lump" created by the implant is a bit more visible when I am actually low on fluids. Now its nothing major but its kind of neat to be able to just look at my hand and see what's going on. I did the pinch test a a few times over the week to see if it synced up with my observations and sure enough. This got me kind of curious to see if anyone else has any gimmicky perks that were not the original intent of their implant?


  • Since I implanted my firefly v1 in the back of my hand, it's become my default to move it back and forth when I don't have anything to do with my hands. It can move about 1.5 cm, and it's a good time killer.

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    V2 firefly rattle, it let's me act like a venomous snake and let people know I am irritated and threatened.

    Haha. °3°

    ALSO, V2 firefly is a sizeable enough implant to really freak out conspiracy theorists. I had an older gentleman approach me, explaining "The government is out to crush us all, they are chipping us in hospitals, you don't know what medical technology is capable of, I do, they are tracking us with GPS, etc."

    Kinda made my firefly poke out of my face a little and told him politely "I know a bit more than you think..." and his reaction before promptly leaving was very worth it. Lol
  • @Zerbula said: "I know a bit more than you think..."

    Haha that's great. I've done the same thing with my V1 in my arm and a UFO conspiracist. They freaked out a little bit...

    I use mine as a bit of a fidget toy as well, spending all day rocking it back and forth and sliding it over the tendons in my forearm.

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