Copy ProxCard II To NFC Tag With Android?

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Hey all, been awhile since I've been on, and looks like the community has grown quite a bit! Anyways the reason I am here is I wanted to copy my ProxCard II to my NFC chip. I got on amal's website to buy a card cloner, but apparently they're not being sold anymore. So before I go searching to find another cloner, I was wondering if there was a way to use my Galaxy S7 to do the job. Has anyone attempted this? If not, what card copier is everyone using now a days? Thanks!

Pretty sure my NFC chip can be cloned for HID products, but if not I will implant an RFID chip next to it. Shouldn't have any problems reading and writing the two when they're that close because they'd be different frequencies I presume?


  • I got an app called NFC tools that can read and write
  • The ProxCard II uses low frequency, 125KHz. An NFC tag uses the higher frequency 13.56MHz so that won't work.
    you want to clone your ProxCard, it looks like you should use the xEM
    tag. I have heard of people implanting tags next to each other without a
    problem but if you have two pieces of glass rubbing, they will wear
    each other away.
  • @McSTUFF I was planning on leaving a bit of a gap between the two chips, but thanks for the input. Guess i'll be buying a new chip, on to implant number 5 haha. Haven't had much luck finding any other cheap cloners besides this one here which I guess is no good since @amal quit selling them. Any suggestions?

  • Apparently the proxmark 3 is the way to go. I have one on the way to clone my HID card into my xEM. There is also a cloner for sale on

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