Firefly V2 Implantation

I implanted my Firefly V2 on Oct 19th (yesterday evening). I put it below my left collarbone, and all in all, the procedure was super quick and relatively painless. It certainly hurt less than implanting my V1 in the back of my left hand.
I had one friend hold the camera, but managed to do the entirety of the implanting by myself. I put some neosporin and a bandaid on it after the (very minor) bleeding stopped, and today it looks like it's beginning to heal very nicely. There is some bruising all around the implant, and the site is tender. The implant clicks very loudly if I tap directly on it with my finger, but I haven't noticed any noise caused by me moving around. At the moment, the implant is less bright than my V1, probably due to both the thicker skin over the V2, and the swelling/bruising in the area. I expect to have a pretty decent scar from the needle, since I still have a pretty distinct one from the V1. I'm really looking forward to seeing how bright it is once it's healed up.
Edit: Another note: When I received the package, the plunger on the syringe had been pressed, so the implant was loose inside the sterilized package containing the needle. It was easy for me to put it back in the needle, but it seems that the package must have encountered some rough handling during shipping.

Here's the video of the implantation:

Here's a link to the post about my V1:

And here's some very blurry pictures of both of them. I'll try to get better ones later on:

Thanks @AlexSmith!


  • Thank for posting this. Good job on the implantation, I like the location a lot. Please post a follow up picture after the swelling has gone down!


    Don't worry, not forgetting to put my own story up... Waiting and watching.

    Mines having minor complications due to the process I used. Just needs time to heal right...

  • @Zerbula, you put yours in your face, right? I hope it heals up quickly. I'm curious as to why you chose that location. Virtual high five for being one of the first people to implant a v2!

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    I um... did. Hehe!

    I think I'm playing with it way too much and slowing the healing down... It's starting to get visible. The incision is almost healed... c_c

    I ended up making an incision for the needle to go in through, but I'm realising I didn't implant it exactly where I want it. :c

    Working on trying to force migration under the skin, but need the incision to be not weak so I don't just like, push it out. #0#

    virtual high 5, down low, backdrop, backstop, low flow, grand show omega dunk fortissimo You too!

  • Update! It's been a little over a month. The V2 isn't as bright as my V1, likely due to placement. I can flip it over with some difficulty, but it doesn't happen on accident. The puncture has healed into a pretty massive scar which itches every once in a while, telling me that it isn't, in fact, 100% healed.

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    @FireBreathingReptile my own is still healing as well, I still have a little pink area around an inch tall where the incision was that's not completely... normalised into the rest of the tissue quite yet. Kinda crescents around the end of the implant. No itching here. ^^'

    Mine isn't too difficult to flip, but placement. Is still an intentional thing to be done though.
  • Ember, looking beyond good. That's all I can say.

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