Cyborg nest north sense? Does it work?

Hey guys. Long time lurker of the magnet and rfid forums. As having a magnet implant myself was curious about others. I'm just wondering if anyone on here has a north sense on themselves, as I have ordered mine and was curious if other people had any expierience with one? (p.s sorry if this post is in the wrong place.)


  • You mentioned having an implant yourself, do you have any first hand experience with it?
  • I've only had mine in for about 3 days now so still healing, loving the feel of being able to pick up new magnetic fields. Placed another into my wrist yesterday to see if that will give me a spatial effect when it comes to the magnetic fields. I love it that much if I had to take it out I'd feel like I lost a limb. Nirthsense should arrive next week so can fit it next week and report results.
  • @Lost_V wrist you won't be able to feel fields in at all. pick things up sure. But you have almost nothing there as far as nerves go. I know people who have done it and felt absolutely nothing. 
  • I'd be more interested if they designed this as an internal implant, personally. First consideration for me is practicality both on a physical and social level. I know some people like having their mods highly visible as an ice breaker, but not me.
  • @benbeezy thank you. Is there anyway around the hand put her than the fingers that would be able To detect magnetic fields as am interested in have an array spread around the hand.

    @aeternaeon I'd love it to be able to be plant internally however I want the ability to detect north sooner rather than later so for now I'll make do with the external version. Then if a internal version gets released I can swap.
  • Well, why mount it to a piercing? Why not just glue it on? Or mount it to a belt. Wear it on your wrist?
  • @cassox good point. My theory is that it is mounted on the the piercings so you feel the vibrations through the inside of the skin rather than on the surface.
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    On a side note I've now removed my wrist magnet thanks to @benbeezy post.
  • I have North Sense, it was the first thing that drew me into biohacking world, although I put it on my body the last! I have used it for about 4 months now. 
    What I can tell you is that it is beyond giving you direction, that's the least interesting part of it. For me, it has worked like a highlighter marker for memories. Whenever I want to have a stronger memory of a scene, I try to face north and feel the buzz. This way I can recall that memory easier with more details. The next step for me was a gallery of those pictures, I have a collection of mental pictures that all face north. The next thing that I have experienced is that those locations are connected, and they make a mental map, very basic version of Google map! I think to expand that map I need to walk a lot, which I am not willing to do :))

    I have to warn you though, it is not simple. It does NOT buzz only in the north direction. Liviu believes NS is like a sense, it may not work everywhere (just like birds that lose their direction ability in cities). Sometimes it buzzes in a direction other than north. I'm still in the learning phase for this, haven't got used to it. NS buzzes in the direction of highest magnetic force that it has been calibrated toward it. My point is that don't think of it as a GPS, it's completely different.
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    @cancerian. Thank you for the detailed explanation. It sounds like a complete life changer for you. Really excited for mine now. Did you mount yours straight after getting it pierced or did you let the surface bars heal first? And do you have any magnet implants as well, if so do they affect it?
  • It's been fun to have north sense. I'd definitely recommend it.

    About the healing, yes you MUST wait. First of all, piercing is painful by itself. Now imagine buzzing an open wound, it never heals if you do that.
    I waited about a month, but that was barely enough. At first, my pierced site did not start healing, so I went back and asked the guy why it's not healing. He changed the jewel and put a bigger one in the place. The one that comes with NS is so small that sank into the flesh, so it didn't let the wound to heal. After two weeks with those bigger jewels, I went back and changed them to the originals and mounted NS (I have seen this sinking into flesh problem on one more person on facebook). 
    I could have easily waited another month. At first I had to use low vibration intensity, otherwise it would get painful. That's why I say wait at least two months so that later you wouldn't have any pain. 
    You have to wash the piercing with saline twice a day. I still sometimes use it when it gets painful, and the pain goes away immediately. It doesn't get that painful, just a little bit annoying because I play with the bars and move them, don't do that :))

    I have a magnet in my hand, and it doesn't affect its performance at all. Besides, when you calibrate it, it counts everything in its calculations. So even if there is an interference, it still finds north with no problem. 

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    @cancerian. Thanks for for the detailed reply. I'll wail to mount mine. At least I don't have to remove my magnets now. Can't wait to get mine lol. And is there anything else you would say needs to be known before hand or helpful to know? Also how painful was the piercing itself?
  • Surface piercings like this almost always reject. Just because it heals up initially doesn't mean it won't reject later. Rejection usually starts after initial healing- months later- and the odds of rejection are increased in piercings that are often touched by clothing, let alone piercings that have a vibrating weight having from them.

    Rejection is slow and usually painless- the body just slowly grows more flesh under the piercing until there is barely any skin left holding it in. It often leaves nasty scars. It often doesn't happen evenly, so one side of a surface bar will be fine as the other slowly rejects. Here, you need four individual points to not reject.

    If you are okay getting this as a temporary mod that is completely fine!

    But I will be amazed if many people have these last more than a year or so.
  • @teknikir that's technically not always true. A lot of people do expiernce surface bars rejecting. However some people's body's are ok with them. I myself have six suface bars running down my spine from my neck down the top of my back that I have had for 5 years now. I'm always catching mine on my clothes and my tops rub in the lower three. But my have stayed. Guess I'm just more resilient than most though. I do agree that surface bars my not be the best option for the mounting but until they figure out something better, guess I'm stuck with it lol.
  • @Lord_V The piercing was only really painful the first night, after that I didn't have problem. You have done piercing before, so you are familiar. It was my first time that I did a piercing, so maybe my body was not ready for the pain! Whenever I felt pain, I just used saline and it was fine. 
  • @cancerian i got mine anchored yesterday In the centre of my chest. The piercing itself wasn't painful however the piercer had trouble getting the bat in which was the painful bit. Now I just have to wait to install the north sense. Can't wait.
  • @Lord_V That's awesome, congrats! Hope it heals soon.
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    Heya, could someone link me to some info on this Nest North thing? It sounds interesting. Thanks :)

    EDIT- Ignore this actually. I'll make a separate thread
  • I am interested in the North Sense and its effect as a sense extension. I am curious mostly though about what Cassox mentions above: not mounting it to dermal piercings but to attach it to something.

    I am curious if it would really be feasible to hang it from a chain or something and wear it as a necklace instead of a mount. If so, what kind of chain/link would likely transfer the micro-vibrations well? Are the precious metals like gold/silver/platinum likely candidates or is there a reason they wouldn't work? Would a continuous "ribbon" of metal work better than chain links of whatever size?

    I travel too much (and work in a professional setting) to have to screw with it, taking it on and off through airports and possibly try to explain it to people in airports who don't speak English and carry assault rifles. If it could be converted into a true wearable/haptic instead that would be a lot more appealing.


  • Haptic belts have been a thing for over ten years ( ) and the Northpaw ( ) is a do it yourself haptic anklet. Wearables have traditionally been bulky and limited by the realities of how well compasses even work in urban environments (not very).

    The dream is for something implantable (see Lepht Anonym's Southpaw: ), but the problems with that are rejection and charging. Also, you are still limited by the physics of compasses, except now it's inside you being terrible instead of on you being terrible.

    The North Sense is a weird middle ground between wearable and implant, and at the end of the day it's still just a buzzing compass hanging off of a rejection-prone surface piercing.

    Having built and worn a Northpaw for a while, and sharing the dream of directional sense, I think that we need to do something better than a simple compass.

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    Part of me wonders about the usefulness of an implanted Guidance system. Essentially if you work with a SoC that's already got GPS&||Glonas antenna (strong enough to receive through skin), it would give us a LOT more to work with. Like, tap once and spin once, and it vibrates when the device is facing north before going into rest mode.
    At that point it might also be neat to explore feedback for directions. If you send it a route and then set out on it, it vibrates a specific code (or side of the implant) to indicate a turn. Heck, if we ever get the dream of networked implants going, having a receiver in the left & the right thigh might be pretty neat! And it doesn't even /need/ to vibrate, right? A small controlled electric pulse might give us the same kind of feedback we need, without all the bells and whistles and size and power that come with vibration motors.

  • i just got my north sense today, and now am investigating bars vs derm-anchors curious if other people have tried either. also going to try taping it to my chest as a beta test before implanting something else into my body for the experience.

  • I decided to give this a spin despite my previous post. Apparently they're trying to finish up some new bars that are coated to heal much quicker so I'm waiting on that, but I'm growing a little impatient. Might end up just going with the regular titanium bars.

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