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  • Found some interesting new info and thought it fitting to add to this thread instead of another thread.

    Night-Lens... Basically night vision contact lenses that are being researched right now.
    Just sharing more information to the masses and sending more motivation towards those who are currently working on the current project at hand!
  • I'm so looking forward to the data from this experiment. Gotta love science and fringe science is the best!
  • Cool stuff you guys have going on. Have any of you on the team talked to to people who put out ? They handnt heard about your project when I was talking with them.

    I'll be stopping over to your project site when I get the chance and throw some money your way.

  • Thanks so much for the support, @MobileRez! I'll shoot an email over at Bio Coder today
  • Just because I had my camera out anyhow.... this is what making breakfast has looked like for the last month or so amongst the SFM team:

  • How did this end up doing? Any noticeable success?

  • I'd like to know as well

  • edited March 2018

    The results are online elsewhere, I think Science for the Masses has the information.

    I've been wondering, wouldn't this pair up well with the chlorin-e6 drops? Or even better, chlorin-e6 seems to bond well with gold nano rods which makes them more effective when used for imaging. So, using an enhanced drop with added nano-rods of appropriate length (808nm IIRC?) to better enhance the NIR range in combination with the A2 visual system should result in much better vision - albeit temporarily.

    I'm going off really old reading here, I apologize for my lack of specifics here. This was something I looked into quite a bit back when this was all still on-going and it seemed to me that Ce6-AuNR drops would be far, far more potent.

    EDIT - Regarding the contact lenses, I think that's why biohacking is becoming so popular. You hear about these amazing things and then they just disappear into vaporware. Remember those bionic lenses that were supposed to be released in 2016 that could focus faster than your natural lens, available as an implant to the visually impaired? Probably not, and there's a reason why. This crap happens ALL. THE. TIME. And it gets old. We sit here overloaded with sci-fi and get nothing but empty promises.

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