FDA magnetic core titanium beads for implants

hey guys i am a medicine student from india few implants use magnetic core titanium beads these implants could be used as a source of implantable magnets which wont cause any problem in entire lifetime i am putting links if anyone of u can buy these contact me because in india rules and regulations to control the sale of implantable devices are very strict

the 2nd link is for maxum implant its middle ear implant but costly and hard to find but if u can find http://fatcatwebproductions.com/ThePaper_2014/md-thenews/content/veterans-recover-hearing-maxum-implant-woodlands-texas-based-ototronix


  • Dude, I swear you seem like a salesperson.. but I now believe that you're not. Lol. This is pretty cool actually.

  • The bead shape isn't optimal for what we're currently doing but I can think of a number of uses

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    @Cassox we can use the maxum implant magnet it is small enough to be anchored on stapes bone of the middle ear 100% biosafe,FDA approved and so far has not caused any problem in any recepient whatsoever
    help me buying these implants i can provide the necessory anatomical and physiological instructions for implanting the magnets
    i know a number of qualified surgeons who can perform this precisely to get maximum benefits with minimum risk
    i m myself very interested in biohacking

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