A new design for implantable ear buds

Hey y'all finals are finally over so I can get back to work on the other project but while they were going on I thought of a new design for implantable ear buds I don't have time to dedicate to fully exploring the idea so I am putting it out here for you guys to decide what to do with it and hopefully for one of you to pick it up and finish it image


  • So this works fine except you need to find a way to power it, fine a way to coat it (coating moving things is hell, trust me is done a lot of it) and you can't rely on air movement with an implant because the air can't move much (since it has to be a solid coating around it)
  • Personally I've been thinking a bone conducting implant where every bit except the bone conducting speaker itself is coated normally, with the speaker on a short wire outside the regular coating, then a thin layer of coating covering the whole thing again, this time including the speaker. To allow the vibrations to penetrate through the coating as much as possible. That said. Depending on where it's implanted, I'd think it'd be possible to have the speaker itself not be coated at all. If it's a bone conducting speaker that is. I'll admit to not knowing a whole lot about the coating processes and methods though.
  • Week or has to be coated or else your body will eat it away and poison you. And the bone devices I'd say are the answer but coating them is a huge pain a thin layer doesn't work since it has air gaps. Those gaps have to be sorta filled because you can't have a hold in a implant. If you try and bridge that hole with a thin coating it won't be strong and will fail over time
  • again I don't have time to develop this but when I came up with the idea I was thinking that'd you'd have an external control/power module in a modified cochlear implant controller and this would be completely closed with an inner cavity 
  • this idea is already being used in patient with sensoryneural deafness
    a tiny titanium coated magnet is anchored to stapes bone in the middle ear and tiny inductor is placed in the canal this implant has a brand name maxum

  • I wanna get one of these in my crown, like one of those musical toothbrushes, though i'm wondering how you would power it.

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