changing the ways we might use computers

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i had an idea earlier about being able to track hand movements for hose who use sign language then project it so others can communicate with them. this device covers that and many more applications. with designs on how to make it too. please discuss. 


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    if you read through it there is a video at the bottom covering it all.  found it fascinating. this isnt so much a "sixth sense" but a computer you wear.
  • Yeah, the original name for that project was "Wear Ur World."  The code is actually available online, so you can download it, mess with it, and even make your own rudimentary device (as I plan to do myself).
  • How small could you make the projector and the camera? The one they recommend is the Logitech Quickcam, but what's the smallest/least powerful that would still recognize gestures?
  • @Gaviato:  Probably just about any camera you could plug into the device would work well enough.
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