This is not a critique to magnet implants. Peptides. Hormones

First of all comment that this is not a critique to magnet`s implants but, a big % of people using this forum turns around magnets implants. 

Actually the peptide, hormone and chemistry is totally amazing and all its different possiblities ( HGH, Nootropics, Melanotan, PT141 , TA65, YKL-06-061, NAD+, etc...). Does anyone is working or testing this or any other chemical biohack ?


  • What do you mean "turn around magnets implants?"
  • Sorry, I mean that nearly 80% of the forum posts talks about magnet´s implants and similar
  • there is a lot of magent talk, i would be less willing to take chemicals seems quite risky, maybe adopt a polyphasic sleep schedule though
  • Well, it's just more of the grinder type discussion to have. Everything you're talking about has communities that discuss them quite a bit. Bodybuilding communities that do no bar the discussion of steroids talk about everything else as well. By the time some news outlet runs a sensationalist article on a new pro-drug, peptide, whatever I can guarantee you there's already a forum post where somebody is shilling it and another guy has already tried it and posted a review up.

    This is, of course, not including more technical methods such as modifying genetics. The communities are fully aware of things like genetically inhibiting myostatin, it's just not available to the masses so they haven't done it. I can almost guarantee you when methods become more available, people are going to start "biohacking" these features into them no matter how illegal anyone tries to make it. If the tech becomes available, it's going to happen.
  • I agree with you, a large majority of the discussions here are over magnets and simple low risk modifications. I believe the majority of people shy away from genetic and chemical modifications because they inherently have a greater risk to your health. A simple implant is only skin deep, however playing with the chemicals in your body is a but more tricky and carries a much higher risk. I also like the more cutting edge type of modifications. Currently working on research for Myostatin gene deletion. I think I'm very close to Knowing all the necessary steps to achieve it.

  • My specific areas of study are all centered around the bio aspect of biohacking. The idea of modifying aspects of tissues and higher order cell-to-cell interactions as well as on the cellular level are of particular interest to me. Right now I am actually exploring the idea of implementing an electrical sense into human skin similar to that of sharks.

    On that note, it is definitely very difficult and requires understanding a lot of moving parts. Grinding is currently much more practical if you are looking for results, but as genomics and the Cell Atlas grow, we will have better information for hacking on the chemical level.

    The most effective compromise of the two today is probably more related to the microbiome. By modifying the ~10k to 30k bacterial species in you, especially by effecting which ones dominate in which organs, you can drastically affect functions and ability. This field is relatively new and even the medical community fails to understand or implement information obtained on this level.

    Editing the microbiome is generally more reversible than editing the human cells directly, although they are not too fundementally different; we have eukaryotic cells as opposed to prokaryotic bacteria, so it does take different considerations into mind.

    If you wanted to actually modify gene expression, the ideal way is not Crispr-Cas9, but using retroviruses with pre-synthesized DNA to insert a gene that deactivates a particular promoter, shutting off a large number of genes in all infected cells.

    "Chemistry" hacks are not my favored genre, as it requires regular exposure to be effective, instead of a permanent switch, but often we lack the tools or understanding to even fathom a genetic hack that would achieve the desired effect the chemical delivers.

  • @TylerEyth Do you have any good sources for doing human myostatin gene knockout? I am very interested in this as well.

  • I got some nootropics and SARMs coming my way, I'll post my evaluation in time.

  • Thanks you all for your comments, it seems life exist beyond implants.

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