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Not sure if there is any interest here in becoming a citizen of the first space nation but you can apply for citizenship at the link above.

Sounds more realistic than Mars One and the application is free and easy.  Looks like there is still less than 1/4 million citizens right now but the number is growing fast.



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    I like the idea but I already have problems with it especially the age part the distinction between adult and child doesn't make sense to be the same for everyone, on earth it makes sense for legal/practical problems but in a good society adulthood should be more of a level of understanding about the world and some people might reach that level earlier (or later) than others. To be acknowledged as an adult citizen there should be a test one normal (arithmetic, communication(broader than just language proficiency). etc) and one practical i.e. are you ready to go into society as an adult. 
  • The citizens are all staying on earth where they currently live at least for now.  Anyone under 18 can still apply they just need a parent or guardian's permission.  They won't be able to vote until they do turn 18 though.

    As far as I can tell, this isn't officially recognised by the United Nations or any other organisation yet but they are working on it.  Judging by the total on the home page it seems to be growing fast.  Check the number and refresh the page and it will have probably grown.

    Even babies can be citizens if one or more of the parents are Asgardians.

    "As per Asgardia’s Constitution, any child born to at least one Asgardian parent is considered an Asgardian citizen by virtue of birth. A child born before the foundation of Asgardia may become a citizen the request of their parent(s) who are Asgardian citizen(s)."

    I'm not recommending anyone else apply for citizenship to this if they don't want to but from the FAQ:

    " 10. Can I refuse my citizenship after I have accepted the Constitution?
    Yes. Accepting the Constitution entitles you to get an ID and become a citizen once statehood is established. It does not oblige you to do so."

    Applying right now appears to be just that, APPLYING.  I'm also under the impression that you are not giving up your current citizenship even after they are officially recognised as a separate nation.  If I am wrong, FAQ number 10 clearly states that you are not under obligation to become a citizen just because you filled out the application.
  • Ask your dad about the Dominion of Melchizedek...
  • I can't be 100% sure this isn't a scam or a joke but there are now over 1/4 million applicants and the first satellite has passed the NASA mandated tests.

    It looks like they will launch the satellite later this year and there is still time to get a picture or text sent on it.

    I'm still not recommending anyone sign up.  Check it out and decide for yourself.  I just thought it sounded like something members of this group might be interested in.
  • MarsONE is a scam. Asgardia doesn't even make enough sense to be a scam. 

  • Obviously I was wrong and this doesn't interest people here.  Simple solution ... DON'T SIGN UP.
  • Honestly, I think Musk's goal of establishing a 1 million person colony on Mars is more realistic than this, at the moment. 
  • I'll just let this drop.  They do have some long term goals that may or may not even be possible but the short term goal of launching a satellite is almost certainly going to happen.

  • Maybe a slight derail but:

    I'm not sure it is a good idea to be allowing just anyone to be putting satellites into space. All it takes is one sufficiently bad accident in space to essentially lock humans onto the planet earth. All these new cubesats, for instance, with no navigation controls are just an accident waiting to happen as they can't make course corrections in case of something going awry. 

    I do think these alternative citizenship ideas are interesting. Whether it is seastedding, the Free State Project, or virtual citizenship (or others like this) it is great that people are wanting to experiment with voluntary and consensual forms of government.
  • The Asgardia-1 satellite is just 2 cubesats hooked together.  It is supposed to be sent on a resupply mission to the ISS and then launched into orbit from there.  They are not actually launching it on their own and they have gone through testing to help make sure it is safe.  Not saying it will be safe but this isn't just someone sending a satellite into orbit from their back yard.

    One of the long term goals of Asgardia is to protect Earth from space threats including from man made orbital debris. 

    There is already a lot of debris and satellites orbiting the Earth and I agree that we could easily trap ourselves here.  I don't know how realistic Asgardia's goals are but cleaning up the junk orbiting around Earth sounds like a good idea.

    One of the reasons I posted anything about this on this group was the possibility of grants and scholarships.  Some of the projects and ideas I have seen on this group sound like things that might interest people planing to eventually live and work in space.  Right now joining is just a matter of filling out a little information and agreeing to their constitution.  Later, if it becomes an actual nation, becoming a citizen might be more involved.

  • asgardia is fascist, theres no way to register as a pressure group and no political parties mean the ruling power stays in order absoloute fascists
  • If one of the moderators wants to close this thread, I'm fine with that.

    It isn't really biohacking related and I'm not going to argue politics.
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