Doctors and Implants

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Hey all,

If any of you are like me and live in an area where it is hard/impossible to find a professional modder to do an installation or laws prohibit subdermal piercings/implants, doctors are about the next best thing. I had to travel to a piercer in Ft. Wayne, Indiana to get my xNT installed which is a bit out of the way from central Ohio so I considered seeing if a doctor would be interested in doing it but I knew that with the timeline I was on traveling to Ft. Wayne would be a guaranteed install. Not sure what the rules are about telling which piercer it is so i'll be happy to tell if you want to knew directly. 

I'm considering getting a FlexDF and a VivoKey when they're released but I know Indiana doesn't allow the use of scalpels with their scaring and piercing laws. So to those that have had doctors do your installation, what was your experience and how difficult was it to get a doctor to do it if they did it at all?


  • I'm pretty sure you could go to Michigan or Illinois to get it done. I know Michigan allows branding and other scarification.
  • I know someone in Portland, OR, who found a plastic surgeon who agreed to to it on the downlow.

    Plastic surgeons in general might be a better option than regular doctors as they are already doing a lot of "non-essential" cosmetic work. Also, they have access to more equipment and are restricted by different laws than body modification artists. 
  • Really good suggestions thank you both! 
  • I do remember somebody mentioning that they got a GP doing it for them (and they had to sign a waiver etc to cover the GP's ass) on the forum.
  • Or...if you have any friends who are nurses/EMTs/anything like that, they could easily do it off the record.
  • Countseven, I actually when I was wanting to get my xNT I asked a couple of my friends who are nurses/doctors in training and they got really worrisome about the blowback if it came back to them. Even after the assurances I gave them it still wasn't enough to make them feel comfortable about it.

    I think for the next implant I get I may just talk to a GP and see if they would be down.
  • I'm in Utah and I do implants all the time. The needle implants you just need a friend if you can't do it your self, it super easy. So I guess if anyone wants an implant in salt lake I can do it. A lot of doctors would do it if you are friends with them. They just can't get in trouble with the law, most doctors think it is way cool stuff.
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