Talk To Local Folks! Where Are You From? Wanna Start A Collective?



  • Well that's good news. I thought I was missing out!
  • From milwaukee, Wisconsin myself. I've only encountered like 2 other wisconsinites through the forums so far. There doesn't seem to be much of a community here, but it is nice being able to expose people to something new and spread the word about something still novel to people a little bit.

    Anyway, I'm between the waukesha and milwaukee area and currently work in the emergency room. Applying to medical school and on the waitlist at a few for the time being. I've had the xNti for a little over a year.

    stay, if anyone is working on meet up programs I highly recommend avoiding the name 'grindr' lol, might be taken.
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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    Northern Georgia, but I'm currently in Lima, Peru
  • Portland folks - where are we meeting up and when? There's at least four of us- more than enough for a small startup collective.

    Let's grab a beer?
  • yes, let's! ever go to Victory Bar? it's 1984 themed and pretty awesome.
  • Never been but it seems perfect, and close-in works great for me.
  • Any one from southern-ish New Jersey? Or NJ in general, it's a small state.
  • Not much of a drinker, but it would be nice to meet up. Victory bar isn't too far from where I am, just a little heads up on setting a date and I think we could make this happen.
  • before defcon, or after defcon?
  • If we're taking a vote, I say after. I won't be at defcon, but I will be giving a presentation at the living machines conference at Stanford and they unfortunately run concurrently this year.
  • Brisbane, Australia (for the next 2 years at least).

  • Phoenix(ish), Arizona

  • Southwest Florida

  • silicon valley, right on the border of santa clara and san jose. still pretty fresh to the region, so i'm still trying to wriggle my fingers into what is allegedly a pretty established scene.

  • Northern California babes!

  • Upstate, NY. Literally other side of the us from most of the conferences!
    Ugh! At least we don't catch on fire every year!
  • Bumping a necro

  • I'm down to keep some decrepit old threads on last ditch life support in a community this small.

    I'm near Philadelphia.
  • I am in Vermont (probably the only one)

  • Colorado. Jump to PMs to see about setting up a chat server or something? This forum seems basically dead. :(

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico here but likely moving to Detroit really soon.

  • Anyone in Southern Sweden or Copenhagen area?

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