Increased height possible after growth spurt/puberty?

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As a relatively short person (5'5,167 cm),I'm wondering if there are any drugs that could be used for increased height growth,especially since my growth spurt is long over. I've done a search on google but the results are rather questionable with multiple websites trying to peddle their own 'blend of scientifically proven chemicals for height growth' ,in the forms of pills,powders,even a oil for rubbing

To anyone who could advise me on this,your help is much appreciated 


  • In general, no.  We need to know your sex and age to answer, as that can be used to determine if your growth plates have fused or not.  There are also rather painful surgeries that can add a couple inches to your height.
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    "Girls tend to reach skeletal maturity earlier than boys. Their growth plates usually close around ages 13 to 15, while boys' growth plates close later, at around ages 15 to 17. Before growth is complete, the growth plates are at risk for fractures (breaks)."

    If you meet the criteria, certain hormones can make you taller/bigger. But it's not that simple, I know some older people who took now-obsolete steroids as kids to counter their allergies which caused second growth spurts in them that their bodies didn't fully adapt to. They grew taller, yes, but not everything was keeping up. These people usually have bad joint problems. It's possible with modern peptides we could do a better job growing a person taller today but testing just isn't available because we're running into ethics issues there.
  • To count seven,
    I'm a 16 year old asian,you already know my height

    To aeternaeon
    Are any of these peptides available in the market? Or do I have to contact a lab to make a batch for me?
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    There are tons of peptides that would be of interest to you freely available for order. GHRP-2 or 6 would help your body create more HGH on its own which would absolutely give you a boost. There are also several IGF-1 increasing peptides.

    IGF-1 itself is super cost prohibitive for the good stuff, but HGH you could actually buy as is and that would absolutely cause you to grow taller. I would stay away from anything effecting your androgen receptors as this could cause your natural testosterone levels to peak early  which would be problematic later in your life, however you could take various natural boosters to increase yours.

    If I was set on this, my stack would probably look something like this:
    Tribulus Terrestris

    Optionally, replace GHRP-2 for actual HGH which would absolutely cause you to grow even more.

    Here's the logic: HGH one way or another will increase your height. TB-500 and BPC-157 will support your tendons/ligaments and allow them to heal faster when they grow quicker and just generally help you sustain the stress of added growth.

    Zinc and Resveratrol are strong AIs and will minimize estrogen effects during this process and tribulus terrestris is one of the few proven natural boosters of testosterone. Testosterone will also help you grow faster as you'll heal from the process quicker.

    It would also be worthwhile to keep your skeleton in good shape with lots of calcium, vitamin D, C, and boron. Magnesium and potassium as well. Basically, eat healthy with everything you need to grow as optimally as possible.

    I'm not going to feed you an exact schedule or dosages you should take, because you need to do the research on your own and really be comfortable with each item. Don't just take my word for it. When you learn about them, you'll learn where to find them, how much to take, how long to take it, etc.
  • I did some research for a short friend asking a similar question awhile back, and I did find something. You could try taking "high" doses of arginine, lysine, and ornithine for a week or 2 at a time, with breaks in between. I don't know how to calculate what dose you'd need, how long a break you'd need, and how long it's safe to keep doing it, but as far as I can tell, those help increase production of HGH in some people. 
  • To aeternaeon

    Thanks for the help,I'll go research on the stuff you mentioned

    To thegreyknight

    Thanks,I'll do some research on those things.

    And to anyone else,is there any definite way to check for the desired dosage,for any chemical or supplement?

  • I wonder if all this stuff wouldn't just result in acromegalic short people :/
  • Only if the growth plates are already closed.
  • This is specifically aimed at Aeternaeon, but I'm happy to be answered by anyone who has an opinion - what effect would that stack that you outlined above have on someone older (early twenties). Obviously it won't increase height, but I think I would be safe in assuming that it would be a fairly effective stack for building muscle *questionmarkdisguisedasafullstop*
  • Yes, I've done some research and I'm pretty sure the sheer amount if testosterone and growth hormone would cause you to start building (possibly lean) muscle mass

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    Well it's all about application. Again, stay away from actual synthetic testosterone and steroids before say, 24 at LEAST IMO because you will harm your hormonal development that way. That's why I suggested items that boost your own actual hormones rather than just jamming hormones themselves in. HGH is an exception to the rule because you're pretty much spent already on that one so honestly you would get the most height growth using that directly. The sooner the better.

    After 24 though, just whatever steroid stack suits you. Sure you could use the stack listed here but it's not optimal for muscle growth. There are better items out there with minimal sides and a reasonable price point. I've got a topic buried somewhere around here about all the things I take (I'm actually a bodybuilder/powerlifter) for example, and HGH isn't one of them, nor IGF-1. They're definitely effective, but I have organ enlargement concerns or even just bubble gut and I'm not interested in going pro in bodybuilding so there's no reason.

    Afterward, you'll also want to have a good post-cycle therapy ready to go. What's appropriate for PCT depends on a lot of factors.
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