Why so many "I have been secretly chipped" threads recently?



  • Agree with a Sticky. It also helps to establish What an implant is, and what we expect it's capabilities to be, for novice comers to the forum who would have expectations or goals for their abilities or accomplishments with such devices. ^^
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    In one of those threads, someone posted this link to an excellent FAQ response to this problem from Dangerous Things. It's compassionate, comprehensive, and offers good advice. I'd recommend that the sticky point to it. 

    Edit: Just saw that McSTUFF posted the same link a couple comments up
  • @spark, great minds...
  • I'm happy to sticky a post, or include a link to either this thread or Amal's in the Current Welcome post by @chironex

  • @BirdMachine, I think adding a link in the current welcome post would be great.
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