Illegally Implanted

For the past three years I have been tormented and stalked by this disturbed girl I had cut off. My house has been been snuck into by her (or one of her friends) and until recently I thought my environment had just been bugged and my Wi-Fi network somehow hacked. I'm not tech savy at all okay. Now I’m afraid for the safety of my family. The micro implants I think work with another software she has and are somehow able to access any network/electronics (hacked cell phones, computers, tablets) and allow her to operate on them like a sophisticated high level RAT. My accounts. Text messages. Calls. Everything. I also think they are what interact with my car (unlocking/locking doors, car horn/alarm, brakes, radio). Like I said I don't know exactly how this all works I tried doing some research, but I feel like I keep going in circles and coming up with nothing.  She’s able to communicate somehow through the words in my auto correct bar on my phone, here’s what I mean:


Lately since I’ve dropped out of college (bc of this) I’ve been feeling pin prick pain on certain spots on my body (nerves). She is sick in the head. Some I think were planted just to cause pain because I read something about shoulders being a useless spot to place them shins among other places, and spine. I don’t know how these implants work or what kind they are I was hoping that maybe somebody could help me out or throw some ideas out please. My life is falling apart. I'm freaking out and I feel sick because she or whoever she had do this illegally is most likely an amateur I don't know what has been damaged or how to even bring my concerns to a doctor. I'm just barely scratching the surface here with everything that she's done. I don't know where else to go or who to turn to without sounding like I'm crazy.


  • Maybe see a psychiatrist?
  • We should make a wiki page or a thread that's pinned discussing this.
  • @KC7 The pain you feel can very well be real but caused by your body/brain itself due to the high levels of stress you experience for prolonged periods of time. Implants are most likely not involved at all.

    To give you some clues about the why: here's my take on the current level of tech (my word as EE who keeps track of current and next-gen tech in this field).
    Implants are rather bulky/big and easy to locate. Current level of tech is nowhere near "micro-implants". There's no tech to implant things without obvious traces (scars) and there is no tech to power them for prolonged periods of times either(especially with shrinking size, we'r talking hours of operation, a few days at most).
    Also there is no good way to communication with such smallish hardware over longer distances (either you'd drain the battery very very fast, or your communication distance is very limited, read as a couple of cm). 
    About the size: constructing a device without putting billions of USD in custom silicon chips gets you about the size of a AA battery. Or a AAA battery if you'r really good with engineering. About a quater of that if you have a virtually unlimited budget/time. But that's about it, and that implant would leave a very obvious scar behind making it easy to locate... and still would run out of power after a couple of days.

    As for your appliances/phone/whatnot. Those are easy to hack but it's far more likely that they just behave the way they were programmed to. Like your autocorrect simply acts weird because it learned to do so by observation of what you typed in past conversation. Modern neural-network based autocorrect can actually do things like that on its own. Same applies to a lot of devices. They are build to be "smart" but that can be very misleading if they fail to meet up with that promise (which btw happens way too often).

    As an unknown stranger pal, I'd recommend you take some camping vacation somewhere a bit off.
    Get a feature phone for emergencies but keep it turned off (and battery out if you'r really paranoid about phones), a tent and enjoy some nature. Might help you to relax your spirits and free your mind for a while.

    Other than that I'd agree with actii. Pain from high levels of stress is no laughing matter and can ruin your life (as it appears to be happening). And those guys might actually be able to confirm it and help you fix it.
  • Thanks I understand that I sound stupid with this but there are different types of micro chips aren't there? Really small ones that get implanted in your hand and can be used to interact with your phone. Like this?

    I'm sorry I wasn't talking about pacemakers. I didn't mean to sound like the implant was able to do all of that and hack into everything all by itself. I thought it was just used to transfer network data or something. I don't know what they are and are not capable of. You're going to have to talk to me like I'm an idiot. The phone battery does drain very fast by the way. I know they need batteries recharged how are regular implants normally charged? I had what I thought was a spider bite on my hand but I didn't think anything of it. I have limited knowledge about these I'm sorry, but from my understanding aren't there some that can be injected with a syringe? Like those that DangerousThings sell on their website. Yes I know stress can affect your body in many ways. My car is also affected. Trust me I got a new phone and it does the same thing I could show you more screenshots. I'm aware that they "glitch" and do these sort of things on occasion just hear me out. As for the expenses I've seen some implants for 40$. If I sound stupid I'm sorry friend, just humor me for your own entertainment I guess. I would like to know more about these regardless 

  • I don't think you sound stupid, KC7. However, I am concerned about your general health and well being. Have you spoken to a doctor?
  • Would the doctor be able to answer the questions that I'm asking on this thread?
  • As Radiance pointed out, RFID tags are powered by the reading device and work within cm-range and only for the duration the reader is actually in that range. Even implanting those tiny rice-grain sized things via syringes you have a wound channel several cm long and about 5 to 8mm wide. This is _very_ uncomfortable and virtually impossible to not notice. It will remain uncomfy for several days if the tissue is subject to motion. Those chips, as small as they are, perform virtually zero computation and can't interact with the body itself. Most of the device is the antenna which has to power the thing and transmit the actual data.
    As for supplying power you have basically two variables there. One is the frequency of your electromagnetic field, the other is the distance. The math is rather complicated but it boils down to a few simple relationships. Higher frequencies can carry more power and can be directed over longer distances. At the same time, higher frequencies get absorbed by the body and turned into heat and penetrate less into your body itself. So very high frequencies are pretty much ruled out as they'd never reach the implant as desired. But the antenna size directly correlates with the frequency. If you want a small antenna you need high frequencies. This pretty much rules out devices that would be hard to spot/notice in terms of size. Lower frequency power transfer works a lot better but requires bigger antennas (usually the antenna is separate and around 1 to 2 cm big) as well as very close proximity. Transmitter and receiver antennas are usually designed to directly rest ontop each other, only separated by a few mm of skin. 
    Long story short: powering and communication with very small devices is physically very difficult to pull off.
    Also, it's rather easy to detect electromagnetic activity. Any electrical engineer with the right equipment will be able to detect any fields strong enough to charge an implant. All in all this stuff remains very range limited even under very optimistic/pessimistic scenarios.

    If your car acts up it might have different reasons. Like rodents/animals, unusual vibrations (nearby construction work, railroads, trucks speeding by) or other stuff, modern cars are full of weirdo sensors which can trigger all sorts of alarms. 

    About implant lifetimes. Modern implant batteries are rechargeable and have a respectable total lifetime of 10y+ they still require regular recharging if they are actually used. But again, those things are pretty big and you'd 100% notice if someone would've stuffed that into you. Like severe pain for days, several cm long stitched wound etc.

    If you can provide any further details about tech around you acting up we could analyze and break it down to possible causes. Implants are just not the thing you should be looking for. I mean hacking an phone or a tablet or pc or your router would be a lot easier, a lot less effort, a lot less risky, and provide anyone with a lot more pressure than fiddling with implant tech that's of no real use anyway. I mean if my plan was to cause someone physical pain using electric shocks i'd wire up their protective earth of the flat, or water pipes of the toilet/shower or whatever. Implants are just not feasible. Good stuff for scifi stories but just not the thing to pull off with today's tech. Too much effort, too little gain.
  • @KC7 : maybe not, but you sound pretty anxious here and anxiety can be a problem in of itself.
  • ^^ Thank you ThomasEgi for the rundown. Far better than I could do.

    There is no modern implant that's going to accomplish more than what we can do while being less conspicuous... That's not necessarily even a superior technology issue. ^^' If it has any hope to have transmitting power over any appreciable distance, interface capacity with multiple devices... Iirc someone made a device that could read and clone rfid cards in an area (i think 10 feet?), the device had to be transported and concealed in a large backpack... lol...

    That's to read an rfid tag at distance. nothing more, if memory serves. :v

    Even something the size of a grain of rice... If I had a grain of rice stuck in me, I'd notice pretty quick from the implantation and recovery alone. X_x
  • @KC7 there's no implant your ex could buy that can do what you're describing and that you could be secretly implanted with. These implants are bigger than you think, and they have no battery, no processor, just a tiny chip that that sends out a little string of data when its powered via it's antenna. And the range is at most ten centimetres. The most sophisticated implant I know of that can be done via syringe rather than cutting you open and stitching a big chunk of tech inside you, is an RFID temperature sensor, and even that would leave you bruised and sore for days where it was implanted. Your ex did not stick you full of mysterious implants, what you're experiencing sounds like psychosomatic nerve pain.

    It sounds like you're under a lot of stress, and I think you should consider counseling, a vacation, and rest.
  • @chironex Here's another. We must be coming up in a search engine.
  • They're not implants at all you're right. None of you would know what they are. I've just been enduring this for three years so my mind went off for a bit trying to rationalize who would do/ is capable of doing a lot of the things I didn't mention. Also @countseven they are Feds accessing them not a search engine. My name is Karla Conchas and I live in California so if you ever hear about that on the news in the future to come know that I'm innocent. If this gets deleted you know why also. I've been targeted by the US government I'm being set up. I'm sure you guys know about these "crazy" people that go shoot up places and cause terrorism. Put the pieces together please I beg you. 
  • Alright let me get this straight I wasn't "illegally implanted" with a micro implant or whatever I realize that was a mistake and next to impossible for a normal person to do. I've been highly stressed its true and its making me irrational in trying to understand what and how it was done. My family and I have been targeted and placed under surveillance for the past three years with misleading information that under high stress I couldn't think clearly, which I'm sure was the intended point. It was never that girl. Issues are escalating and people are becoming involved almost like a set up. It pertains to political issues & "threatening" social equality factions that I heavily support and I'm accused of being involved with. Think along the lines of cointelpro, if you're familiar with that. They're trying to make me seem like I'm mentally ill just look at the posts. Since you're wondering, I just typed in "biohacking". Much of my search results are altered by "governement magic", so that might be why it was like the second on the list. Again I apologize for this irrational logic its almost funny when I think about it. 
  • Reading this I even sound like I'm nuts. I'm sure you don't want to hear more about this so I'm just going to say thanks again. I would go on vacation but I'm hounded everywhere I go. My calls and texts are constantly intercepted or blocked. My computer and everything man. It goes beyond glitches. Ive gotten three new phones and a laptop. Trust me its not faulty electronics. My car is a dinosaur there's nothing "smart" about it.
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