I'm Selling Leftover Magnets

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Hello, I'm selling my sterilized leftover magnets. 
They came in individual sterilized packets but I've bought a pack of 10. 
I just implanted one, 6 months ago and I'm totally fine.
The magnets are titanium nitride coated.
I've opened this one to take the photos.
I have 7 to sell. They are 2mmx1mm.
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  • So many questions! ;~;

    Who made them, have they all been tested and if so how were they tested, were any of them ever autoclaved, have they all been visually inspected, what magnets are they and what's the ratings on them...

    And out of curiosity, where do you buy full packs of10? ;0; lol
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    I think they were made by Armstrong Magnetics, Inc.;
    They were tested.
    They were autoclaved. The indicator on the bag is brown, which means they were submitted and passed sucessfully thru sterilization checks. 
    The sterilization was not made by the factory. It was made using trustworthy equipment.
    Of course they have all been visually inspected. 
    The magnets are made of Neodymium and you can see on the forum that they are the best magnets to implant. 
    I've bought 10 because I wanted to install them in 10 different parts of my body, but right now, I think that the index finger is enough. 
  • X_x Autoclaveing NdFeB magnets cripples their magnetic strength and the thermal stress exposure weakens the bonding between the TiN and magnet. They cannot be autoclaived effectively to sterilize without compromising them.

    I might suggest removing the one you implanted, or at least be aware if it does suddenly fail, I have encountered here magnets abruptly failing years later with no other red flags than being autoclaived. ;_;
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    I just contacted the seller and actually the type of sterilization wasn't steam/autoclave.
    They sterilized them using a method that i didn't knew wich was: ethylene oxide (EtO) which, as you may know is a method used for things that cannot go under thermal stress such as magnets, and various medical equipment. 
    That's the reason why my implant is still strong and there is no reason for me to be afraid. 
    But thanks by the way for the warning, I'll definitely be aware.
  • Can you post a close up of one of them? The color doesn't seem right.
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    how much are you asking per individual?

  • It's a rather small community. You think it was from Armstrong or it was? Who did the testing and what kind of testing? How are you so confident that the sterilization was on trustworthy equipment.. when you don't actually know what type was used? What is a sterilization check? It's interesting to note that you joined the boards at 0640 today. This screams scam.
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  • https://www.armsmag.com/news-titanium-nitride-coated-neodymium-magnets.html

    This does exist, but curious about second opinions. ^^'

    Somewhat seconded, but don't like to be the one to blow the whistle or say anything. Still learning. ^^'
  • Nice. Hahahahaha
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    [edited for brevity] I have to say I also have a handful of concerns. A lot of 'As You Know's and 'As You See's and 'Of Course's  to buffer Statements you need to lead an opinion. Coating, shape, structure, size, placement, method, these are all part of the ongoing discussion of what will make a magnet Best to implant. However, I'm /pretty/ sure Neodymium is the only type of magnet most people are actively implanting outside of experimental but not-yet-shipping projects. It's kinda like making the main selling point of your bottle of water the fact that it contains... well... water. Being specific is good and appreciated, but featuring it as 'best type' selling point? eek.

    This is your only thread. Have you come to join the discussion elsewhere, or are your only intentions to offload surplus product? Let's say, somehow, against every red flag flying at my face, these are genuinely decent magnets... We have absolutely nothing to go on when it comes to considering trusting you as a supplier. And answering questions bullet point 'This is The Fact and I am Right' style isn't going to just magically wave away concerns. Especially if you were reading and considering these concerns, not simply deflecting them?

    This is not long to be a rant. It's long because I'm occasionally verbose and as I stated initially.... I have concerns :/
  • Jeez thats a long post
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