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Hi everyone, 

I'm a producer with CNN in London. We're doing a story about biohacking and are trying to find people who are just getting started. We'd like to find someone who's just about to have their first procedure done (either a magnet, and RFID etc). We'd also be interested to speak with veterans of biohacking. 

The purpose of the story at the moment is to shed light on the movement, and explore whether it's something that will become more mainstream. 

Many thanks


  • Too late for me, I got my first RFID and magnet about three months ago at the Bodyhackingcon, then got the North Sense about a month ago. 
  • I've had my xNT NFC implant in for a little less than a month now. It is my first implant.
  • Thank you both - have dropped your both messages privately. I'm looking to speak with as many people as possible; so please feel free to message me privately or on the wall. 

    Thanks a lot
  • I also have my RFID since a few months if you're interested.
  • Hello there @muhammadCNN.

    I am a biohacker of about 2 years with 3 implanted rfid tags, and a radioactive tritium "firefly" implant. Feel free to DM me if you'd like. I'd be more than happy to share about my experiences in this field.
  • I am intending to get a magnet implant as soon as time allows and I can find a modder in Eastern Washington and source a magnet, preferably an M31.
  • I mean I'll talk if you need a veteran. I have had like 15 DIY procedures done, mostly by my self and some by others. I do a fair amount of designing of implants now since I've gotten all of the normal available ones already. My current focus is a smaller flexible nfc implant and a bone conduction skull mounted BLE implant.
  • Same. Let me know if you need footage of a procedure or something.
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