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I just finished sowing myself up after implanting my third magnet. First one was 1mm x 3mm, second was 1.5mm x 5mm and this last one was a ~6.5mm x ~3.5mm cylinder.  This last one seemed huge when I was actually trying to put it in and it got me thinking. What is the biggest magnet someone has implanted? Here's a gif of about 15minutes ago


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    AFAIK they can't get much bigger than the ones commonly used already because they start to get in the way of blood flow after a certain point, but someone has probably tried to stick a ceramic disk magnet in their spine or something along those lines already...

    quick edit: also the larger the object the more likely the body is going to try to reject it and the more likely the coating will foul
  • I don't know why you are popping out the magnet mid insertion and that incision/size certainly don't look comfortable or effective long-term but that gif is hella fun to watch.
  • @tekniklr it wasn't very comfortable, and I still made the pocket a bit bigger after the gif. Someone sent me a snap mid way through and I replied with that video. I was equally amused by it so I kept it. 

    It doesn't hurt anymore then the others did, and I don't expect it to fail. Here it is today
  • Very nice stitches!

    I'd like to see how it goes. Anyways it's more the surface area than size that matters more when it comes to rejection. Macrophages and leukocytes can't get into the middle of the implant after all.
  • That Gif kills me, I watched it like 20 times.
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    As an avid fan of bodyhorror and implantation documentation, I also gotta say, A++ gif (TIL adding an emoji breaks the input :( Picture the heart eyes emoji here and I'll make sure that's on the list of fixes inbound....)

    Hows it healing a week later? I have a hunch it'd be a bit more sore than a smaller magnet, given there's more surface to bump against. Would be great if I'm wrong, though.
  • I'm glad everyone loves the gif. 

    @birdmachine It is healing well. I took the stitches out yesterday. 7 days was long enough for my other two smaller ones, but I think I should've left these in for a few more days. I've smashed it a few times against things and it definitely hurts more then than the smaller ones. I closed it in a door, and that was infinitely times more painful than the whole procedure 

  • Looking back at the gif, what is this magnet coated in? It looks pretty silver on the surface. Just want to make sure you aren't putting in something stupid after going threw all of this trouble of getting it in there in the first place.
  • I was looking at the same think as Benbeezy, also be very mindful of blood flow. If you bang that on something then it will most certainly reject....
  • Im just getting into biohacking as a software developer, and I just wanna know what's the purpose behind putting magnets in your fingertips?
  • @johnDoe and @Benbeezy it's parylen c. Same as my other two. One of them has been in for over 6months
  • @arkwl read the FAQ, it'll answer most of your questions.
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