Will old scars cause a problem with implanting?

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Time for my magnet implant is getting closer and there is only one thing I'm not sure about so thought I would ask.

When I was younger I had a mishap with a knife that severed pretty much everything in a few of my my fingers (middle finger, ring finger and little finger on my off hand). 3 surgeries over 3 days got everything working again although feeling didn't return for a few years. I'm planning on putting my magnet on my off hand ring finger and was wondering if the scar tissue will cause a problem. Picture of finger below.

Feeling is mostly normal. If anything where the surgery cuts meet the knife wound is a bit more sensitive then normal. You can also feel what I assume is scar tissue as kind of a lump under the skin where the cuts meets.


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    Did you go ahead with this? If yes I'm curious to hear how your experience went, or if anyone else has information on this topic. I have an X shaped scar on my finger as a result of a fairly deep wound. Little or no loss of sensation.
    Accounts of people who have had implants removed and re-implanted at the same site could be interesting to read as well.
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