Which college major?

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Which major would be best suited for someone considering research in immortality, longevity, aging, biohacking, transhumanist technologies..?
I'm an 17 year old male.
Especially in immortality...


  • @bugaboo 1. colleges don't offer majors in those subjects (except maybe aging although most likely not) 2. which type of immortality? 
  • I'd suggest looking into bioengineering
  • Would also suggest biomedical engineering, you typically can customize your track and may be able to put an emphasis on genetics/genetic engineering
  • Medicine.

    Because it gives you a very good idea of how we currently treat diseases and problems that arises from the human body and what we can currently alter surgically (e.g. plastics, orthopedics, neuro is also good if you're into brain enhancement - Dr Robert J White, the guy who first did brain transplant on monkeys, is a transhumanist himself).
  • I would suggest the closest you can get to genetic engineering or biological engineering.  You might have to do chemical engineering or something like that because a lot of colleges don't offer biological/genetic engineering yet.  Now chemical engineering won't be really what you want, but with any of these degrees you can get into medical school, grad school, or even law school.

    Another upside to engineering is that it simply delays your decision for longer, you don't have to worry as much about what you want to do until you're graduated from college.  Granted you sound like you know what you want to do, but it is still useful.

    Anyways there's pretty much a guarantee that if you want to do research into immortality then you'll need some extra schooling beyond an undergrad, so the engineering is good as med school and grad school like it.
  • Biomedical engineering should give you a solid basis. Like Misslitty said, you can customize your track to some degree. Talk with some profs, pick a relevant internship, and you should by that time know what else you may need.
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