looking to start a project ive hadin mind

i guess this would be an implant more so than a wearable but ive had this idea for quite some time now. below is an example of the way i imagined it looking (mainly whats on the ladys face)
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i want to try and achive something that looks like that. my idea is that these electronic pathways connect to the brain and enhances specific parts of the body for the desired task almost like you would overclock a computer but your temporarily overclocking your body with a intentional adrenaline boost to certian parts of your body ex arms or legs. i know my idea is a bit out there but i would like help and feed back on how i could start to turn this idea into a project 


  • And what would adrenaline do to those body parts? Or rather, what does adrenaline do period?
  • well to the best of my knowledge adrenaline plays a roll in the fight or flight response of the human brain and animal instinct but in some cases it has been reported that people who have had situations where adrenaline is released in their bodies will have brief moments of strength or speed i want to create something similar to this that will be able to trigger that on demand but only for a brief period of time as to much adrenaline can be fatal to the heart.
  • I would look more into triggering the response rather then force feeding adrenaline into the system. If you can trigger the response you have a smaller chance of killing yourself. Find your trigger point and try to replicate it. Maybe use a fancy brain reader.
  • Ok any ideas on how i might be able to trigger the response and any suggestions on what particular brain reader i can start off with?
  • What's a brain reader?
  • By Brain reader do you mean an eeg device like the emotive? There are some EEG headsets on the market now that have come down in cost, at least by a little bit. The number of read points will vary but for the sake of basic prototyping and concept building, you should be allright with a very basic unit.
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    ok thank you and any ideas on how i might be able to trigger the response im looking for without forcing adrenaline into the body?

    i have figured out through research that i need to direct my attention to a chemical in the body known as Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
    Skeletal formula of ATP

    this chemical is triggered by adrenaline and is what gives people that "superhuman" strength any ideas on how it might be possible to release ATP without the use of adrenaline?
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    just do some PCP bruh, that'll give you super human strength fer shure.

    or just eat some food, and you'll make ATP
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    lol ok im really intersted in doing this project and i will admit im a little lost as to how i should conduct my reasearch but lets try and refrain from jokes such as your PCP comment ok? :)
  • Why not pcp? I'm not being critical.honest question.
  • i want to go with a more mechanical and electrical route. using any type of drug, herb, or vitamin is my last resort
  • Ok, so what it's it you're trying to make the body do?
  • Ok, I think the first steps for your project need to be clarification. You want something that reads the mind and somehow makes the body do what exactly? Give it super strength and speed? Another way to look at this.. Why hasn't it already been done? Obviously people would be interested in having such a thing.. So there must be av roadblock.. What is it?
  • Also, re: ATP. Dude..wikipedia?
  • Honesty, the best step would be a bit more basic. Consider taking an anatomy or physiology course perhaps. It would give you a better place to start from.
  • just gotta boof some PCP for dat mad system shock 2 super strength.  ezpz
  • i want to create a mechanical device that will boost the human bodies strength and speed. ya sorry bout the ATP thing i struggle sometimes with collectively displaying my thoughts. also i will look into some courses on anatomy and physiology thank you that is most helpful.

    ightden i will ask you kindly one more time to stop with the jokes i'm sure you have much better things to do then be a goof ball :)
  • I don't think you're understanding what ightden it's really saying here. Ok, so what would be the difference between what you're proposing, and me saying I want to make an implant which allows me to psychically move objects? I'm trying to interact with you without being blunt or rude, but wanting something like say super speed or invisibility isnt an issue but identifying a means is what makes a project. I think ightden is trying to help you understand how this is coming across to a lot people.
  • So, how do you want to boost the body's strength and speed? Through a mechanism/pathway already in place in the body? Adrenaline gives you a nice full system surge (With it's own trade-offs), and might be exploitable by placing an electrode/electrode array on the adrenal glands. But that's quite an operation. And adrenaline makes you feel pretty nasty on its own. Chemicals are the "easiest" way to achieve what you want to do, within a certain limit. 

    There was some talk awhile back about using electrodes to stimulate muscles and basically "automate walking", but I don't know if anything came of that. I'll try and find the thread. Those carbon fiber running prosthetics are an option too, but those are "always on" so to speak. 

    Another question for you: How big of an improvement do you want to see over a normal human? Let's say you're an olympic sprinter who can sprint about 16 miles per hour for 100 meters. Do you want to be able to allow the body to do that at will, for 200 meters every 30 minutes? Or would you rather trade that endurance and repeatability for a 50% increase in max speed(24mph)? 

    In addition to some anatomy and physiology, I would look into kinesiology. The biggest problem I see you having to deal with is working with the upper limits of the human body. Bones will break, muscles will tear. Figuring out how to keep that from happening is going to be a big part of this. Depending on how many modes or channels you want for your device, you could literally just use an EEG and look for a wave pattern you've trained yourself to generate as a toggle switch.
  • i want to try and make a mechanical device that will enhance or support the muscles to allow humans to pick up much heavier objects or allow them to run run faster. I see how the way i was explaining it before doesn't really state this and i apologize for that. my intention is to build a device that will enhance the muscles in the body and wont add additional weight to the body and not hinder any kind of movement or feel restrictive my initial thought on the design was that it would be thin enough to rest on or inside the skin yet sturdy enough to not break or fall apart. i hope this helps to see what im trying to accomplish here and agian i do apologize for not making my means for the project less jumbled
  • @TheGreyKnight thank you this is exactly what i was trying to state and asking what i would need to do to go about it i have a tough time getting my thoughts out and i can be confusing when i'm not trying to be. to awenser your first question yes that's what i want to achieve but i want to eliminate the nasty after effects such as fatigue for example. as for question number two yes i'm looking for max speed rather than endurance i feel like a quick burst of speed will be more beneficial in emergency situations rather than endurance though i do consider endurance and stamina to be an important part in my project.
  • @cassox @birdmachine yes EEG. I was having a brain fart.
  • Well @gyragrim20 you're in for a very rough ride in terms of engineering this. There are some very painful limits on how fast you can make someone move, and the only theoretical way to get around those without "upgrading" the body itself with better bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments would be if you could neutralize the effects of inertia on the tissue. Which would be very sci-fi in terms of the kind of tech you'd need. Like one of those new-fangled "Inertial dampeners".

    Maybe start by figuring out what sort of speed boost you want, and putting an exact number to it (Like, 5mph faster than normal). And then start figuring out whether or not the body can handle it. And what benefits it'd afford you.
  • @TheGreyKnight so what if i try and create a crude prototype of a inertial dampener one that would transfer the force similar to how the wind force on a plane is distributed around it because of the shape of the nose?
  • @gyragrim20 I don't think starting with developing a human "inertial dampener" would be an appropriate way to approach this issue.  I would suggest attempting to create the mechanical apparatus that you discuss first.  It is highly unlikely that it would be so effective that you would even need to worry about any issues that an "inertial dampener" could fix.  

    You say that you want it to be mechanical, thin, lay on/in the skin, and effectively be like another layer of skin.  You don't want to use chemicals and don't want after effects.  My suggestion would be then to look into electric stimulation of muscles to simulate movement.  I do not believe it would be wise to attempt to develop an apparatus that interfaces with the brain directly as this would be exceedingly difficult.

    When it comes to the electric stimulation of muscles you have a lot of playroom.  When we currently activate a muscle out brain signals for us to activate some muscle fibers.  

    To give some background info each muscle is made up of many muscle fibers.  Muscles contract when they receive signals form motor neurons which are triggered from the sarcoplasmic reticulum.  The activation of these fibers can be improved through training, however it is very hard to get the brain to activate all of the muscle fibers in a muscle.  Even the best bodybuilders and powerlifters cannot fully activate their muscles(though some powerlifters have very good activation).  Possibly simulating the signal from the sarcoplasmic reticulum would be good enough for you.

    If you can find a way to get all of the muscle fibers in a muscle activated you will have a very very valuable product.  
  • While channelling the force around the body would help, you're still going to need to "attach" the body to the device at some point. This is where all the force you've channeled around the body ends up. If you can spread that force out over a period of time, it won't be as bad, so long as you don't overwhelm the system before it all dissipates. 
    And I second what @RealityWizard said in terms of figuring out what you want to build before you worry about the problems you have. Just remember that the problems could/might/will be there.
  • @RealityWizard and @TheGreyKnight thank you both i will look into what you guys have shared this is very helpful
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