My Magnet Implant in Action: Cool Magnet Tricks [with pics and vids]

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So, I realized I haven't posted anything about my magnet implant post-healing and I figured it was time. Below, I'll post my collection of both pictures and videos. Regarding the videos, they were made shortly after my implant had healed when I was still uber excited about being able to use it, so please excuse any bubbly obnoxiousness. 

Before you look onto the pics, I want to warn you that there is an IMPLIED ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION CW, as some of the pictures involve Mike's Hard Lemonade bottle caps. If this is likely to bother you, please do not look on. Additionally, in order to alleviate any confusion, the first picture with the coin was shot using a magnetic coin cap, as an actual coin would not have been magnetic.



  • Update:

    You'd be surprised just how many Christmas decorations are magnetic. 

  • Safety pins, as well, something I discovered due to the "anti-ism" safety pin movement here in the states: 


    I like to live dangerously, as you can see in the next pic. ;) 
    TW for needles/sharp things below!


  • Enjoy seeing updates, my magnets are also new so the the excitement empathy is nice.

    I wanted to ask what sort of magnet you have? Yours is much stronger than mine. =]
  • I am also very curious as to what kind of a magnet it is, and how deep in your finger it is. 
  • Me spinning some lino cutting tools: LINK
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    @Grazerquart and @Erifeo

    I'm actually not sure which magnet it is? I didn't think to ask? Which was perhaps a noob-ish mistake, but I'm happy with the strength of it, so I guess it worked out, despite that! Annnd the body mod artist might actually have told me, but if so, I definitely forgot. So, that's not a question I'm able to answer! So, sorry to those who were curious!

    As for how deep it is, I have no way to measure, but it's close enough to the surface of the skin that I can feel the shape of it underneath, as well as see a faint outline when it's at rest, but even more prominently when interacting with stronger magnetic things? And it hurts sometimes, if I press against it too much, but it's been long enough now that I don't think it's in danger of being rejected or anything. And nothing has ever pulled it out or come worryingly close to doing so, including the magnetic stick used to open the locks on more expensive stock in retail. I know this from my summer job!

    Despite the lack of danger, I think I would have preferred that it was a little deeper, but the fact that it isn't may actually be my fault? I wasn't very good at resisting the temptation to play with it before it was completely healed, so the magnet may have shifted up due to that.

  • @Cathasach

    Your vid is amazing! I can pick objects up and they'll stick to my finger, but so far I haven't had very much luck at spinning anything! I wish I could, though... it'd make me feel cool... like Magneto or something. lol

    I wonder if your magnet is stronger (I'm inclined to believe that it might be from the video because your finger doesn't even seem extremely close to the cutting tools), or if I just haven't found the right thing to try spinning yet? Maybe the objects I've been trying have been too heavy?

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