Firefly / First implant

entire hand was thoroughly sterilised before procedure. Installed firefly
implant. Had to probe for locations 3 times, mainly because of
nerves/sensitivity, and because I could not create a deep enough pocket to
continue. I finally settled on the area above the left ring finger, with the entrance on the lower half of the knuckle. I could not tent skin as this was a self installation, instead I used angle of the needle to fold skin during the initial penetration of the dermis. I implanted in the area roughly 2 cm behind the entrance wound, with the nearest end ~5mm from the entrance site. When I removed the needle, I used, superglue  to cover the entrance wound, after re-application of sterilising solution.

 After care day one: 

After care consists of removing the superglue cap after 3-6 hours(
it becomes semi-loose on its own) and cleaning the wound with concentrated
hydrogen peroxide. I have cleaned the wound twice since implantation. Initial signs are hopeful, as there is only some tenderness over the implant. I am
avoiding use of this hand as much as possible, especially the ring and minor


Site after 6 hours (second change of the superglue):

Day 2 aftercare:

Moved the glue
change interval to ~8 hours. It seems to be adhering longer as time goes on,
possibly an effect of the healing process? There is tenderness directly above
the implant, though it is slowly fading throughout the day. I also was actively
using this hand during work, though I was being gentler than normal with it. I
am planning to forgo the glue altogether on day three, as the inside of the
site seems to be healing at a decent pace.


Site after ~30 hours (during cleaning):

Will update as time goes on. 

Also, feel free to post any tips or other constructive feedback. This is my first implant and it is much appreciated.



  • Thanks for sharing your experience with this implant.  You didn't mention if you could see it glowing yet.

    I think I read that it takes a while before it shines through the skin but is there anything at all visible in complete darkness?

    Anything used to numb the injection point?

    How was the hand sterilised before the procedure?  I would guess a good scrubbing with antibacterial soap and then wiped down with rubbing alcohol would be enough for a needle implant.  I don't know if something stronger would be called for with a scalpel method. 
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    Not trying to be a dick.. You can't sterilize a hand.
  • @cassox the back of the hand was what was meant. (about 3 sq inches)

    I can see the implant glowing, it was dimmest on day 2, but now brighter on day three. I was not in a dark enough area day one to notice anything. No numbing was used, and i used the provided chlorhexidine solution to sterilise. 
  • I believe his point was that sterilizing is to remove any organic matter from a (typically) metal tool, so you literally can't sterilize a hand. If you did you would dissolve the hand. Then there would be no hand. So you still would have failed to sterilize the hand. Thus, impossible to sterilize a hand.

    Taken from the Wikipedia page on "Sterilization":

    "Sterilization (or sterilisation) referring to any process that eliminates (removes) or kills (deactivates) all forms of life and other biological agents..."
  • Yeah. Disinfection is what you mean..
  • @Xenodine, Does the implant create a visible bump on the back of your hand? 
    I am thinking about getting a Firefly Tattoo between the index and middle metacarpals on my left hand, but I'm worried about the implant being noticeable during the daytime. 

  • @FireBreathingReptile I would assume it would be quite visible. With my hands at least, it would be just as visible as my forearm firefly implant which can be seen as a 1-3mm raised bump at all times...

    I personally love the fact that it is so blatantly obvious that I have an implant there, but that is mainly due to the fact that I really appreciate the visual aesthetic of such implants.
  • Good to know. I just ordered a green V1, and I'm pretty excited about it, whether or not it's going to be visible. I'm not sure when I'll put it in; probably whenever I find someone to help me. I'll make a post about it once I do; I've noticed that there is a lot less info available about fireflies than there is about magnets, RFIDs, etc.
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