Connecting Implants Through The Nervous System

I was just about to go to sleep and I got this pretty cool idea. I've always wanted to have an implant that would use bluetooth (or some other way of communication) to communicate different sensor values to your phone / computer. Kinda like the Circadia (, but WAY smaller. But at some point you might want to put some sensors into different spots around the body or maybe just upgrade your implant by giving it more I/O devices to work with and that would mean taking the implant out, modifying it, and putting it back in. But why not just implant another sensor and let it use the nervous system (or any other tissue) to communicate with other implants?

Would this actually be possible? I feel like this might interfere with the nervous system, but I'm not 100% sure as I don't have the required knowledge. And even if that's not possible. Is there any other conductive enough tissue you could use to achieve this? Or maybe blood?

I don't know if this idea is useful at all, but I just thought I would throw it out there in case someone finds it useful.


  • Sometimes I wish that having read every post should be a requirement *sigh*

    To answer your post probably not anytime soon, but I am just a freelance scholar
  • Google Kevin warwick he did an array on the nerves in his arm.
  • Electricity through tissue or neurons LINK1 LINK

  • @actii I'm sorry if this has been discussed before. I've read about 2 or 3 pages worth of threads.... Some of them 200+ posts long... But I'm pretty new to this forum (and biohacking), so catching up is a bit of a challenge for me. But I'll definitely try to read as much as possible.

    @Meanderpaul Yeah, looks like he implanted an array to interface with the nervous system, but that's not quite what I was looking for. I was looking for multiple implants around the body taking advantage of the nervous system to communicate with each other. But looking at the Wikipedia page, they did fear that directly interfacing with the nervous system might cause damage or interference. So I guess this isn't the best idea.

    @chironex hahaha yeah thought someone is going to point that out.
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    Directly tapping into nerve bundles is a difficult and expensive adventure and cause a lot of harm and damage when not done properly. For now you'r better off just piggybacking upon the endpoints of neurons (muscles or various senses).

    If you require brain>implant communication I'd recommend you start utilizing rarely or completely unused muscle groups in your body. A good start would be the muscle group behind and above your ear which are basically useless (unless you count twitching your ear as useful). Easy enough to pick up muscle activity with electrodes on the muscle surface.

    If you need implant>brain communication it's a bit easier. Pick a piece of skin and send an appropriately shaped current through it. You'll get a tingly like sensation from it. A bit like a vibration motor would do. Best used for binary outputs but there's some limited analog output capability too.
    Related thread on my early experiments.
  • @ThomasEgi I agree, piggybacking would be way easier. I've also read the thread you linked me. It looks very interesting and I might even try it myself.
  • I am not sure how relevant this is but I have been working on a guitar to be played through the mind.
  • @JohnDoe Sounds very interesting! How much progress have you made?
  • Seconded.
    @JohnDoe, implants of brainwaves?

    And.. While i never would implant hardware while moore's law is a thing, i would want to implant an interface.. But afaik there is no long-term way to keep a connection from nerves->hardware alive.. Or is there a solution to the chemical part of the synapse that i missed?
  • Lots of hard learned lessons.... I am using EEG and a lot of off shelf parts now, at first I was thinking that this was going to have to be 100% built from the ground up. As my understanding of EEG and my definition of my goal has gotten far more clear progress seems more likely now then before.... Just got to get off my ass and soder together active electrodes....
    My dad had an old school pain management. Like the basis of this new one in the site above
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