Concussion Recovery

Recently I received a concussion, I am still experiencing some symptoms over a month later.  I  have spoken with doctors and received all the necessary treatment.  I come here now as I have only recently discovered this place and would like to further boost my recovery.  After viewing this board for a few days I have become aware of more nootropic drugs and their effects.  

I am curious if drugs such as noopept may help me recover form my concussion quicker.  If you have any ideas for any drugs that may help me I will entertain your suggestion and look into it.



  • If you're looking for brain recovery cerebrolysin is the way to go
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    >If you're looking for brain recovery cerebrolysin is the way to go

    One concern with Cerebrolysin is prion diseases. Back in the day the medical community switched to synthetic thyroid because of some of the bovine-derived hormone was contaminated with thyroid hormone. Since Cerebrolysin is made from porcine brain homogenate the risk is potentially even greater. 

    Here's some brain foods that may help with concussion recovery:

    Other ideas:

  • Right except I've heard of no instances where that happened. Presumably they test the hell out of the extract before sale or they'd lose business for killing their customers. 
  • Yeah. It's prevented through responsible sourcing practices. Ill have to look but are there any known prion diseases from pigs? Prion disease aren't super prevalent.
  • Can celebrolysin 1 ml be injected IV? 
  • Its preferable. Im is ok too but you can't take it oral.
  • you can do up to 10ml intramuscular if memory serves. Might just be 5ml at a time. There's a fair bit of literature on this so check around. But ya, IV (and ideally via a proper iv bag and everything) is preferred. 
  • Might be I'll stick away from the cerebrolysin, thanks for all the responses though.  I think for now I'll stick to trying to get "brain foods" and maybe some BCAA (I'm already trying to rest more and get in light exercise)
  • if you want something more gentle, check out lions mane mushrooms
  • Mark Proteus and I did like a good month of cerebrolysin. Its pretty fantastic stuff. Injections aren't that difficult. If want instruction I can walk you through the process.
  • @cassox   a little instruction would be great. I had figured just injecting 1 or 5 ml directly. 
  • @cassox I would like to know more about cerebrolysin and your experience with it.  How'd you take it?  Is there a way that doesn't involve injections?
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