Solutions for testing anxiety?

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Anyone got anything for test anxiety? I need to figure out something soon or I will fail college this semester. No matter how much I study I can't take a test in a clear head.


  • Have you tried meditation?  I also get horrible test anxiety- beyond feeling fully prepared for your exam you may want to try limiting caffeine intake (unless that would do more harm) and a brief meditation.  In a relaxed frame of mind its much easier to coherently convey what you know.
  • You might try a low dose betablocker like propanolol. They work pretty well and don't have the side effects that benzos do.
  • Beta-blocker? Might decrease the heart rate and peripheral effects but not sure about the anxiety itself: no adrenoreceptor in the brain as far as I am aware of.

    Funnily enough the only relaxant that comes on top of my head right now is, um, marijuana, but NOT advising that. Studies show that tyrosine is effective for boosting cognitive abilities when used while under stress (due to replenishing the depleted dopamine and norepinephrine) so maybe that?
  • @ivothesquire - Study high, take test high, get high grades.  It's simple math.
  • Beta blockers inhibit the beta adranergic receptors and are currently indicated as a treatment for anxiety. Although effects are primarily peripheral, many many drugs work this way. Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors help depression despite the action occurring primarily peripherally.
  • I seldom post subjective but I think this its a good write up:

    I use atenolol or propanolol in certain circumstances as it eliminates anxiety without affecting cognition. Just be cautious with dosing.
  • @IvoRheSquire @Cassox @misslitty
    Thanks for the advice, pot is off the table due to a history of addiction on my dads side of the DNA. Meditation and no caffeine did nothing but give me a migraine. Can I get a beta blocker as discribed in a proper dosage at Walmart/CVS/Walgreens/someplace not online? Also how low is a low doesage per pound? I am trying to test out of the class, other wise I have failed it already. If I can still test out I have to be ready for it by Wednesday or Thursday; I just don't have the time to experiment right now. I can handle stress just fine if not enjoy it.... Thanks again for the replies I will definitely be following up with this stuff!!
  • No. But it's easy to get via Indian pharmacies and isn't seized as it isn't a scheduled substance.
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    @Cassox thanks! This seems like the best option for the moment; may I ask how the verification works for these? What should I put in for the dosage?
  • In the long term, mindfulness or some kind of anytime/anywhere type of meditation like misslitty said is probably the best solution. And take a walk before your test. And the days before your test. (Actually, it's a very good idea to walk every day if you don't already, but that's another topic.)

    And I can imagine this is something many students struggle with. Maybe you can check out whether your college has someone you can talk to about exam stress and how to deal with it (again, something that probably won't be of much help to you anytime soon).

    Good luck!
  • @Cassox: Huh. Learn something new everyday.
  • I've known people to order from such places a number of times without any prescription verification occurring. You should be fine.

    @Ivo - dude, weirdest part? They are banned in the olympics for a number of sports like archery.
  • In terms of dosage, that's something to be really cautious with. I've seen 10mg or propanolol used most often; however, the question is what's your resting bp? The side effect of this is pretty obvious: hypotension. It's going to drop your BP to some degree. If you're normotensive.. 120s or so you'd probably be ok with 10mg. Your best bet of course would be to go to an MD and get a prescription. The fact that you're asking for a non-narcotic means they'd likely give it to you.

    To put it another way, I'm not an MD and if I tell you to go get this and to take a specific dose.. it puts me a certain amount of risk that I'm not willing to saddle. Of course you should go get a prescription not just order from some place.. but I've heard of people going about it the other way.
  • @Cassox
    Thanks I understand where you are coming from. You have been a huge help!!
  • I've had a lot of good luck with bromantane, especially since it's not sedating or highly addictive like most anxiolytics. Though disclaimer, not approved by the FDA, I'm not a doctor, etc etc. Test anxiety is a bitch, I sympathize.

    I am trained to treat specific anxieties like test anxiety and phobias using cognitive-behavioral therapy, but I have a ways to go before being licensed and can't do it over the Internet.
  • Just to throw something out there, I have had great experience using Kava Kava to reduce anxiety in day to day life. :D
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    Ashwagandha works really great for me, and for some of my family friends who get really bad anxiety while studying for and taking tests. 
  • Ashwagandha and kava kava are both two things I've been really interested in. Trying to find my partner something he can take to alleviate his anxiety without being too strong. I'm looking into making a blend that he can take to work as a drink mix or capsules.

    Also looking at both for myself. I've tried kava kava once and I think it will be a great option when I need to calm myself. A friend of mine swears by ashwagandha as a cure-all. @rshtirmer how do you take your ashwagandha? I generally like my herbals in a tea I can sip, but I know some are better as capsules on an empty stomach.
  • I think I tried kava once mocked me out cold.... what was the dosage?
  • Kava mocked you!?!?!?
  • I think that's what it was that's a tea right? I am not completely sure what she game me but it worked for what I wanted....
  • If you think you actually have anxiety to the point of it interfering with your life, go see a psych and get proper meds. That'll come with a super handy note you can your professor and get special considerations for during your test. Or you could try whatever drugs people on the internet suggest and try and take the test normally. Frankly, the first option seems like it makes more sense
  • The problem with that is that there are few anxiolytic medications that don't fuck your memory. Benzodiazapenes are notorious for this. I guess I have to agree with Chironex overall. This is the same as someone coming on the boards and asking about cancer.. You really should be seeking the advice of a physician. I think its ok though to have threads like this as long as we're clear this is brainstorming regarding alternative or experimental solutions to a problem.
  • @cassox
    That's why I started this thread I have heard that second hand about anxiety meds, figured if there were any worth while herbal or natural means this would be the place to go.
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