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I don't know if any one has noticed but there seems to be a lot of TiN m31 magnets showing up lately and doing the whole pm me thing. Call me paranoid but doesn't it seem to be too good to be true that all these new posters happen to have lots of these just laying around?

I mean I get they arent solely from dangerous things and cyberise but being so had to come by and for so long but suddenly BOOM magnets for sale.


  • It's been noticed. Color me curious.
  • How many were made ?
  • @Meanderpaul You probably saw my recent post for a magnet for sale. Allow me to explain.

    Recently, this thread was posted:

    As you can see, I was one of the commenters. I messaged the seller and spoke to him at length about the magnets, how they were produced and tested. I decided to snag one because I was confident in their reliability, and was eager to implant one.

    Finally the package arrived, looked good to me. I spoke to a few implanters about how to go about doing it, taking my sweet time as to not rush/ make a mistake while implanting.

    Then I was involved in a car accident. Pretty minor, but still significant. I didn't go through insurance because I didn't want my rate to skyrocket, so I paid for the repairs upfront. All of my recent purchases started going through my head, and I couldn't stop thinking about that magnet. I had already spent a decent amount of money on it, and was planning on spending more for implanting supplies.

    I decided right now was not the time, considering that I had just dropped $4500 to have someone else's car repaired. So, despite how excited I was to implant, I decided to put up that ad and sell my magnet.

    To put a long story short, what you're seeing isn't really new magnets entering the market, its just magnets switching hands. I bought it from a seller on here, and have now sold it on here.

    Hope that clarifies the apparent increase in magnets for sale!
  • @cchrisp I understand your instance but to say they are all like yours is a bit premature.

    I'm very curious also about these magnets showing up. I'm hoping some of the people who bought some of these magnets did some testing and can speak to the validity of them and the person maybe even as thorough as you were cchrisp.

    I'm not sure what you mean @actii.
  • @meanderpaul Like, I got my tini-m31 in early 2014 and was just curious about how many exist I forget if it was ever posted or is in the wiki 
  • I see what your saying now. I'm sure there's tons but most if not all were bought to be implanted and not held for resale which is why I'm suspicious of these new names with magnets suddenly for sale when there is a demand for them.
  • @meaderpaul Tons? I really doubt that, all things considered, production, small scene, etc. I was hoping some of the original talking heads would chime in , It is a great buzz for the community when we have successes of that size it looks like everyone is back in willy wonka mode, fingers crossed most of the body modifiers seem content with parylene though
  • I'm sorry I will be more littoral for for I've seen 10 magnets come up for sale from users who have never posted anything but "I have m31's for sale unused". I'll try to be more literal for you actii.

    I'll be to the point I believe that there are people passing off magnets from shotty sources as implant grade M31 magnets. I would suggest people air on the side of caution when buy them from people who don't post anything except for sale posts.

    There are not tons of magnets in circulation because magnet in fact weight a small amount and the vast amount requires to make a ton would be ridiculous and I did not measure the ones in circulation.

    I'm glad we cleared that up and I will resist the urge to use terms with double meanings as that confuses people.
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    Lulz I was just joking I personally think we are a long way from "counterfeit TIN coatings for profit or problem" but I agree with you it is kinda fishy, but in their defense I bought a magnet a year before implanting and lurked over 2 years before registering. Please don't stop the double meanings they are half the fun

    :edit: I see what you are saying "buy a TIN magnet but receive a gold coated one"
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