My stupid DIY magnet implant adventures



  • Birdhandz one time i was using lighter on neodinium magnet (from HDD) and it lost its magnetic properties really quickly

    Test that i would offer to do would be:
    heating magnet to 60-70C and with this measure its streanth

    My magnet is N48, 5x0.8mm 

    Im not planing to buy any exposure kits

  • The Curie Temperature of N52 magnets is around 583-673 degreesK (589-751 degreesF)

  • Birdhandz speaking of luck, ~hour ago i had 'incident' so:

    I decided to bite off dead (top layer, i think it is called "epidermis") skin so it would heal faster and after i did that i noticed that I uncovered a darkred dot. so i thought that i should get rid of it, and right when i did that-brown liquid appeared(i really freaked out). So instantly i wiped it of on paper-looked like normal blood(possibly cuz of lighting or dead cells it appeared brown), anyway, so i pusshed out as much blood as i could and then i used a needle to see how deep that pocket is-and guess what? i was able to touch magnet. So moral of the story: put plenty of pressure on the wound!!!!!
  • Good idea to test the strength of the magnet using a spring scale.  Don't know why I didn't think of that.  I don't have a scale like that but it should work good for seeing if one is stronger than another.

    I didn't do it yet but I'm going to heat one in a pressure cooker at 121 C. (250 F) for 15-30 minutes.  I'm hoping to use it as a tiny stirring magnet and it and the tube or jar needs to be completely sterile.
    Good news just keep on coming, i cought cold :(
  • Hey guys. First post but long time follower.

    After cringing through all these adventurous attempted repairs, i wanted to suggest cyanoacrylate/super glue to seal your wound.

    medical grade is chemically different only by drying slower and cooler. The non-medical tends to kill the outermost cells it immediately bonds to. But that is far better off than tearing up your clean cut trying to suture the thing back together 12 times.

    After that is sealed and set, take a bandaid. Slap it on your sanitized hands. And dont get that spot wet for as long as you can. 3 days was what i was told, but that was on the ring finger.

    Hope you heal up okay, and that gold coating keeps up, or youll be in for a nasty rejection.
  • >After cringing through all these attempted repairs, I wanted to suggest an equally cringy inferior method of keeping your implant incision closed.

    top kek

    If it takes you 12 tries, you should have practiced more before attempting surgery on yourself, or find someone who knows what they're doing.
  • Accualy i was looking for biocompatible glue but sadly i had no luck :( but since implantation was successful i guess there is no need for it anymore

    Top skin layer got off quite a while ago(i have no idea why havent i said anything about it), finger is healing nicely :) Finger is sensitive enough to feel my laptop charger !!!!

    I guess thats the last update since there is not mush else to talk about, HUGE THX for every1 that helped me out in my (retarded) journey!!
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