Update "Computer Science education" section on wiki

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I'd like to update the section "Computer Science Education" on Wiki to add sub-sections like these:

- List of useful parts while working with RFID/NFC
- List of useful parts while working with Magnets
- Sample source code for RFID/NFC readers on Arduino

Can I?

I am also searching for someone willing to check the texts for language mistakes.


  • I say go for it I love subsections it makes it easier to navigate.
  • Yeah totally. Any work is appreciated. Jump in. Worst case scenario if people don't like your organizational system they might fold your work into another page or something but hey.. it's still contributing.
  • Thanks, if you think I should organise the sections differently fell free to tell me
  • Also if you'd like, I can proof-read it for you
  • @misslitty yes, thank you! :D I will notify you when I have written something
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    According to the terminology used in academia, I don't think this subject matter would actually qualify as "computer science" (CISC). Computer and Information Sciences subjects never go any lower-level than the binary numbering system and as far as programming languages are concerned, it doesn't go any lower than ASM (assembly language programming) or compiled object code.  Personally, I would categorize this as "computer engineering" (CPEG) due to the hardware hacking (i.e. Arduino) and radio frequency aspects.  Sorry if this seems like nitpicking--I'm just trying to clarify, so the Wiki seems intuitively organized to those that have been formally educated like myself..

    P.S. This MIT professor can explain the difference better than I ever could; it's a Bioengineering lecture, but he starts out by explaining the difference between science and engineering:


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