Do you think this magnet should come out?

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I think I know the answer to that question, but I am really not looking forward to it, nor do I want to mess about with reimplanting.

Any tips? Could it be saved? I am worried that the dark area is not just bruising but necrosis.... I really really really hope that isn't the case.



  • Has it always protruded that far or is that new?
  • Does it hurt?
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    @misslitty, no I have always had the bump. I think that I have relatively thin skin, and it may have migrated upwards during the healing process. If the bump has increased in size then it has not be immediately noticeable. 

    @lvoTheSquire, Oddly enough I don't feel any pain around the magnet at all, but the skin on top of the implant is a bit tender and looks to be peeling slightly. Now when I had first implanted this during the summer, the skin peeled off in a large sheet, and continued doing so for a few weeks.

    I have a record of sensitive skin and my fingers always peel in the winter months(which is right about now for my location)
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    Pics aren't the greatest, but it looks fine to me.  I've seen some that protrude way more than that after being fully healed.   The skin flaking off a few times after implanting is also normal; it happened to me, it happened to other people. 

    If it's not puss, don't be a fuss.
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    @Proteus, haha, alright thanks for the reassurance.
  • I don't think proteus meant to say pussy. Lol. As always.. Ibuprofen.. Ice.. Elevation.
  • Don't tell me what I mean!
  • Well then. By all means, be fussy if it's the pussy.
  • I know you're doing the derivational morphology to make an adjective out of puss.. But can't we just say purulent? I know you'd have to change your rhyme. Like.. Don't get bent if it ain't purulent?
  • So a bit of an update here.

    I had a bit of a hunch today and decided to lance it. At there was only blood. A few hours later it caught my eye again so I gave it a little squeeze and bam. Due to the greenish color I am assuming that the puss has been in there for a while. I squeezed it until it transitioned to white and eventually just clear liquid. Still think it's okay? :D
  • I'd say get everything out that will come out and keep an eye on it. Don't take it out but don't force it back in if it starts moving out
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