Someone in Dublin (Ireland) in the next weeks?

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Hello everyone, 
Is there someone in Dublin? 
Or will someone be there between 21st and the 28th of November?
I will be there with my school and I'd like to meet someone to talk about implants/projects or just grab a drink :D


  • Dublin, CA or ?

    If California - You're like 1.5 hours from my place. I'd be down.
  • @mmuyskens My bad, i meant Dublin in Ireland xD
  • That's actually what I figured but thought I'd ask anyway. Haven't made it to Ireland yet, but maybe someday!
  • I live in Northern Ireland about 2.5 hours up the motorway. I'll see what leave is available from work and see what I can do but no promises :). Any day in particular your thinking of?
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    @Winterhammer I will probably have Saturday and Sunday of the next week (26th and 27th) quite free but I will have to ask my tutors for the permission to go. If you can't that days I can try to go during the week but is harder. Do you have any preference for the days?
  • @Winterhammer any news about the meeting?
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