The politics, and ethics of biohacking

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The dreaded day has come (at least for those of us in America), and I can't help but think of how this applies to us, I remember reading something a while back about there being a candidate for us but I don't remember who it was, anyway I is wanted to know where the community stands on the whole political process in America and their views  I am not trying to start any arguments I just wonder where ppl in the community stand.


  • Currently happy to be Australian, our clowns change much quicker
  • Non transhumanist here definitely red. About all I care to say. Also your thinking Zoltan.
  • Leaving the country.
  • Im a strong liberal transhumanist, but obviously we shouldnt turn this into a fiery argument about politics and ideologies. I definitely think both candidates' religious beliefs and backgrounds make it hard to say either of them would support the movement. But (and this is probably my democrat bias) i think hillary would be the most progressive on this sort of issue.
  • In general all I can say is I disliked Trump the least. So I guess I'm as satisfied with the results as I can be, personally thinking it's time to go "off the grid" and keep the government from knowing I exist at all.

    And I think Trump would have probably been better for things, my guess is he'd be more willing to loosen restrictions and regulations so science could advance faster.
  • @scruffy I do like what your Australian head of government (President I think) said a while back (think it's been like 6 months or more now) about how the people coming to the country should adjust to the country rather than the way the US does things and tries to please all the immigrants and minority groups.
  • @Jupiter: We don't have a president. We have a prime minister. That doesn't quite sound like him, though. You might be thinking Pauline Hanson who's a bit of our version of Donald Trump (she's a Senator and not a billionaire, and she is a more "matured" politician).
  • Red here, I feel that part of what makes us special is our unanimous ability to see past politics and work together regardless of political back grounds....
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    I agree completely with JohnDoe
  • @IvoTheSquire Possibly. I'll admit I'm not an expert when it comes to foreign governments and foreign government people.
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