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I'm a just an average member of the community and I haven't been here long but I have looked through most of the old post in a search to look for the creator of this site which was an interesting find. But in the more recent posts, I have noticed a startling rise in posts of low quality, and comments of even lower quality. This could be due to a number of things such as my personal bias(can't stand how the site is oversaturated with magnet discussions), lax application processes, a growing uneducated sector of the forum, etc. But I am not sure if I am the only one feeling this and what are others thoughts on the community's progression as a whole.
Another thing that I think needs to be discussed it the stagnation of practical ideas one of my first questions when I entered this community was is there anything that is useful like magnets, RFID/NFC  that are commonly implanted, and the answer now is the same as it was then. I know a few including myself are working on projects but are there any that are easy to get, useful, and practical because at the moment I feel like the community has stagnated when it comes to useful and practical innovation and application. Or we just might be all keeping our research to ourselves 



  • Nothing outside the standard deviation honestly. The community is defined by the people who participate in it. Magnet posts, the off comment about woo, this that and the other... If you want to see some quality content, be a quality content creator. 

    No one can make people "post better"
  • @Zwytechhacker, I am not trying to make up excuses, but keep in mind that this is a hobby community. Many of the members in this community have full time jobs and do this in their spare time. 

    I have been a member of the communtiy for about a year now and have been fairly active. I have seen some really great things be made in this short year; flexible NFC tags and Firefly tattoos are only two of the cool projects this year.

    They always say that you should be the change that you wish to see in the world, and based on your previous posts it looks like that is exactly what you are trying to do.

    In comparison to the world of medicine I think that we are actually moving pretty fast as a . I mean I have had 3 implants in the last year and have 2 more planned. You've got to start small.
  • Part of the problem about the stagnation of practical ideas is that we need more organization. Sure, we have get together and stuff, but it seems like our PR department is more active than our R&D teams. Exosphere looked really cool, but I think news about what happens there doesn't get mentioned much here, beyond the initial announcement and some stuff about streams. 

    As far as educating the community, I know this has been harped on before, but since it's a relevant issue, I think that the way we go about helping and warning people about dangerous practices could use some cushioning. Scaring people off makes it hard to teach them more. 
  • I agree we need to be more organized but the question is how should we do that? I am not sure if just a forum and a wiki are enough but if not what do you guys would be the best 
    I also agree that the RD teams should be more prevalent
  • @Zwytechhacker, I heard talk that in the next iteration of the forum we will have a dedicated space to documenting and logging projects, much like
    I am sure that will help with some of those issues.
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