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As a somewhat new member of the biohacking movement, (got truly interested after stumbling upon an article about magnet implantation about 6 months ago) the one thing that really bugs me Is that while there is a wide support for the basics of magnet implantation and RFID tags, and I agree those things should absolutely be furthered upon, there are hardly any people with the drive or in mine and many others, the knowledge to develop something. At some point or another this topic has been touched up in each discussion, but that leaves people like me, somebody with the intense desire to do something but no clue at all how to start or where to start, lost and confused. Perhaps this has already been suggested, or is already going into the new site, but having a place where novices interested in growing their skillset can learn about things like basic electronics, human anatomy and the chemistry involved with implants, that would drastically increase the amount of not only activity but also the amount of ideas and creations being made. I obviously haven't seen everything, but I've tried to find something like this on the site or forum but to no avail. Just links to websites that can teach the basics would help but my ideal scenario would be having an IRC lecture/lesson every once in a while from professionals on the board. I hope that something like this can bear fruit as currently I can only offer financial support which feels like a cheap way to say I'm helping in a project. What are yall's ideas behind this though? Even things relating to website based coding and how to help keep the website updated and free of clutter would be great.


  • Some links:



    Practice projects:

    Those sites are good to kind of get your feet wet. Another great resource I just learned about is your library. Many offer access to online lessons in many areas with just getting a library card.

    Also do a search for maker spaces in your area.
  • Those are some good sites, havent checked out sparkfun so ill have to look into that. Thanks for the suggestions, what do you think about having a small category of just different ways and tutorials for people to learn new things?
  • I'm not opposed to someone else spending time writing up some basic guides and tutorials, but that sort of thing is best left to other sites dedicated to the topic. Here I think we should focus on things like implanting, biocoating, treatment of implant sites, etc...

    Apple does some work to teach coding, but they don't also teach how to build a computer from scratch. Same sort of idea here. There are other places that already do that, I think we'd be better off linking to some recommended reading, depending on the site if also propose archiving (keeping a local cached version of any linked pages) to prevent losing access should the site or specific article be removed.
  • I'm definitely on board with that. We should definitely stop it from turning into something other than development, but having suggestions for how to get more involved would help I believe.
  • Perhaps a wiki page addition?
  • That could definitely work. Obviously I'm newer to the biohack forum and I definitely don't want to come off like the kid begging to be a mod, but if it is decided that a wiki page would be added for that, I'm more than happy to help fill it up or even make it.
  • You may want to look at this thread LINK

    Me and Glims are building a school where you can learn all of these things by doing them and getting a chance to work in a real lab to do so.
  • I had been looking at that, it looks amazing. Im really hoping to be able to afford that soon, i feel it would help in alot of ways.
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