• Ginkgo biloba? Again?

    I smell a rat...
  • pretty obvious its fake. its a forbes article 
  • Promoted article from IntelliGEN it seems.
  • Thanks guys. Im new to the neutropic scene so I wasnt sure. looked fairly fake. 
  • Yeah.  Ginkgo Biloba is supposed to be a natural supplement that increases blood flow to the brain and body in general, but it doesn't do squat in my experience.  Putting something into your stack with the purpose to increase blood flow is a fairly common practice, but the main ingredient in any smart drug stack is gonna be a racetam of some kind, everything else is just supplemental to that.  (I saw that there was stuff in this pill besides Biloba, but the same principal applies.  If there isn't some drug with actual nootropic action in the product then it is kind of pointless.)

    You should be skeptical any time you see someone say something like "we can now access 100 percent of the brain" as that is bad science. We have always been able to use 100 percent of our brain and the concept that we couldn't is a simplification based on old data.  
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    There is a meta-analysis paper somewhere that shows Ginkgo biloba having no effects of the cognition of heathy people.
  • The thing that causes issues with studies versus real life is the "in healthy people" bit. The average middle class and lower person is rather malnourished as far as vitamins go. Hell, I'm aware of how my current diet a d lifestyle is biologically crap and supplement with a multivitamin. Yes, I notice a difference, but that's because I'm now at "normal". Herbal supplements will do you a lot of good if your lifestyle is crap, but that's it
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