Group buy! N52 Au & Parylene-C Coated Magnets (again!!)

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So there seems to be more interest in the magnets that @extrion76 got like 2 years ago. I just put in a quote request to K&J Magnetics (where they got them last time) So I should hear back soon. The magnets are NdFeB N52 magnets with a Ni-Cu-Ni-Au-Parylene C coating that are 1/16" (1.57mm) diameter x 1/8" (3.18mm). 
More info from the original discussion:

 Who's interested? 
Also, to anyone who got them last time, are you happy with them? Would you have gotten a smaller/bigger size/shape/anything else? 


  • Why not buying the ones from Haworth?
  • I bought mine from him and tought it was ok, anyways some time ago Haworth posted on instagram a photo and on the comments he said that you can Re-magnetize the implant, is that posible? If it is can you explain how? I think my implant loose some power 
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    I'm in for 15.
    (EDIT: are these Cylindrical magnets? is that going to affect implantation in any way?)
  • I strongly suggest that everyone hold onto their horses and wait for the TiN magnets that @Cassox is working on.

    We have done some experiments on the parylene coatings and they are pretty inferior in terms of coating quality and bio-compatibility.
  • Glims, is there an estimated time that the TiN magnets will be purchasable?
  • Glims, that's good to know. Also I received a quote back from K&J and their minimum order for parylene was 2000 magnets at $.37 each. 
     Been waiting for years for a magnet, I can wait a little longer.

  • Hey guys, what's the situation of this group buy? Someone please update me.. I'd be going for about a hundred at this price. Thanks
  • I'm interested as well, I'm down for at least 100 at that price. 
  • FWIW: Steve Haworth doesn't sell to the public. You need to get a reputable body mod artist to place the order for you.
  • So, I'm going to go out on a limb here and just ask / address some points here that may be bothering me. Hopefully, everyone has read enough of my posts that they won't get too bent out of shape and will be able to assuage some of my concerns.

    What is the use of getting 2000 magnets at .37 cents a pop ($740) when they are coated poorly? What's the plan here? They're not friendly on their own and the coatings that are applied in a garage are not much better. I've tested the magnets you can get pre-coated and they are not good. (Interested parties PM me, I will send you the lab results and pictures)
    Granted, I work in a material sciences coating lab, so I have high standards, but that shouldn't be a bad thing...
    So why are you guys buying 100 magnets per person? That's like, a lot of magnets. Does one assume that many will be lost / broken? Beyond that, 100 pieces of really cheap ish is still just really cheap ish.

    I could plug the coating stuff that we've been working on, but really, i just get concerned about doing things properly, and yknow, biocompatibility.
  • @glims You bring up a good point. They are cheap and not "medical grade." If anyone is buying a large volume for implant purposes, well, buyer beware. I'd like to think other interested parties are interested for clinical or curiosity purposes, not as a reliable source of implants.

    That said, in my case (since I asked for 100, and you referenced that number) my reasons are threefold.
    1) I like to keep a small stock on hand for my own testing. I've been buying magnets from a variety of sources just to keep them on hand for comparison. Granted I don't work in a lab, I'm just recording anecdotes.
    2) A few of them will be "demos." super-glued or taped to peoples fingers so they can "try before they buy." Of course, I warn them that these particular magnets aren't exactly implant-ready. I don't know anyone that actually has implanted a magnet I've given them, but I know I've planted a few mind seeds
    3) I have a few contacts that are interested in seeing what magnets people are interested implanting, I'm just finding them deals. Again, I don't expect them to actually do it, just see the product.
    I like to keep a stock on hand for those reasons, and when a deal comes up may as well take advantage of it. Who knows, I may get bored and implant one myself. Probably not. 

    I also just really like magnets.
  • @glims I actually logged in to start a conversation about quality bio-compatible magnets, so I'm curious to know what you have been working on. However, I'm also on the market for something reliable _right now_.

    I know there is nothing "medical grade" about K&J, and I feel SMM magnets have the same concerns. That pretty much leaves VP scientific, where the magnets are N48 at best, and Steve Haworth, who is really expensive.

    Has anyone reached out to labs and engineering firms for their own custom Parylene or PTFE coatings on magnets? Why not specify parylene thicker than 20 micrometers, or see what other firms can offer? (Should I open a new thread for this?)
  • You don't need a new thread. I think it has been touched on in other threads.

    The answer to your question is, yes other people have been working on it.

    SfM has been working with Dangerous things to come out with some really awesome, primo quality, lab tested and approved magnets. We looked at parylene and it just sucks. There's no way around it. We have something much better in store for you guys. Paperwork is not finished yet, so I can't divulge, but it is way better than normal stuff you can get.

    As for the _right_now_ness... not right now, but soon, very soon. Like, "go practice your suture techniques and keep an eye out on the forums" soon.
  • Sorry that my last post was vague, 
     After doing loads of reading on here and other places, I have to agree that parylene just sucks. 
     Also I figured that 2000 magnets was way over what even a big group buy could use, so I've not persued the matter any further. 
    I'm waiting for glims' and SfM's quality-sounding magnets!!
  • Hello everyone, I see these Parylene coated magnets available here in small quantities:

  • Those are N35s. Totally not worth your time, too weak.
  • I was thinking about buying a haworth magnet but if they are only available to reputable body mod artists, I guess I'll be waiting on the TiN magnets. Somehow I missed both of the sales on those things, but I'm determined to get one the next time around. 

    I literally can't wait to mutilate my body and shove something foreign inside it.
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