getting started with wearables (because implants aren't an option)

I've been looking into biohackers and reading on the forum for a while, and I am curious about what kind of external/wearable ideas or projects there are and any basic background knowledge that is useful?


  • Is going to be a little bit of a resource for some things, and should continue to be expanded. Hint hint, everyone. ^^

    What are you looking for, exactly? As in... This is a very very broad question... It's like asking 'What kind of tools can you put in a toolbox, and what can you do with the tools you put in there?'  D:>

    General broad ideas being...'s a lot more easy to get right. ^^ The space, material, power, heat, etc functions are all much easier to work with than something implanted.

    But please, be more specific. <~>
  • to test out NFC technology I just got a ring from and to test how the magnets feel you could simple buy a neodymium magnet and super glue to to your ring finger or the fingernail.

    What did you have in mind specifically? I am the same way. I must test it prior to implant to ensure I will be comfortable with it and know I will like it.
  • Why not implants?
  • it aint biohacking if you aint implanting.  wearing a watch isn't biohacking, implanting a watch is.
  • It seems like everyone wants to implant things inside their bodies which, I admit, is the ultimate goal to merge man and machine.

    I am much more interested in the wearable stuff.  You need to get a working device before you can even think about implanting it and, sticking with something wearable, the physical size and power requirement is less important.  Besides that, wearables should be much less painful and have almost no risk of infection.

    I also think a wearable device would could have more commercial value than something that needs to be implanted.  Especially if it isn't officially tested and approved.

    I am glad that there are others that are willing to actually try implanting stuff though.  If the medical community can't or won't develop implantable technology, it's up to the private biohackers to make it happen.

  • Wearable is a great place to start because you can have a large scale of a future implant. Once you have the working concept all you need to do is start figuring out how to minimalize the bits and a few more finer details but it's a good place to start for a proof of concept.
  • The reason implants aren't an option for me is because I am on immune suppressant medication, even a tattoo has a high risk of infection for me, so until its possible to get implants at a hospital I can't have them. As for what I want to build that is why I am researching, using muscle sensors to control robotics for example, or sensory alterations, I'm brainstorming but I find it useful to know what info there is on the subject.
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    ^ This makes sense. Thank you for clarifying. <3

    All of your devices are going to need to piggyback off of old senses, or controls off of real movements. ^^

    There's a ton to make. Don't even know where to get started, I'd first come up with a want. ^^
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    im on immunosuppressants and have augments so its not impossible....
  • I would look at the myo armband it is something currently being used to control prosthetics. There is a day version on sparkfun that you can build and customize. It's not EXACTLY the same but functions the same way.
  • This to me is relevant.. It must be played with!
  • I agree. I would love one of these. And I can't edit my posts from my phone but I ment to capitalize not instead of bad hope it didn't confuse anyone ;)
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