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So about two weeks ago I implanted Cyberise's NFC lite implant with the intention of using the implant to unlock my phone. I currently have a HTC One M7. I can get a fairly good read off of the implant but I'm having trouble actually unlocking the phone with the implant. The phone has a "SmartUnlock" feature which allows the phone to remain unlocked while connected to certain devices or locations. Its helpful with devices like my car radio and stuff. However, i have to turn on the phone and place the phone on the implant and then swipe to unlock it. Has anyone found a way to bypass the touch and swipe technique? I would like to be able to hit the power button to turn on the screen, tap the phone onto the implant, and then the phone will be unlocked and go to the home screen. 
Here's an example of an nfc unlock with SmartUnlock: 


  • Here is a xposed module that may help you.
    But your phone has to be rooted I think.

    I tried it once but somehow didn't work correctly. Maybe you have better luck.
    When you already have xposed just try it out
  • I am not a big fan of the stock lock screen as you have no control over the NFC security features. I also have not found a third party lock screen that is as secure and works well with NFC. Currently I'm am using NFC ring unlock stand alone but it locks the screen after showing the apps behind it. This allows brief interaction prior to the lock. Also when turning on the phone the delay is longer. If you find something better let me know.
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    Uber Device Lock by r2doesinc is a good one on the play store, but so is the smart unlock that is stock with android.  You might have to play with the settings some more, but mine lets me tap the tag to unlock, or enter a pattern to unlock because sometimes the tag wants to be picky or I've only got one hand free.  It doesn't require both at the same time like yours is making you do.  Try switching to pattern from swipe.
  • I have used Uber Device Lock like @ightden mentioned and it worked really well. I highly recommend the app.
    Six months ago I switched to the stock Smart Unlock since my newest phone, Samsung S6 Active, doesn't work with NFC very well and I don't want an app on my phone that takes up room but doesn't benefit me.
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