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Are we set on keeping the logo for this site? i was thinking of getting a grindr tattoo soon and i really like that logo, but if the site gets revamped and we change it then it'll be kind of pointless



  • If you want it, get it. If the logo changes you'll be the cool kid with the retro logo. Reminds me of all the IAM members who got BME logos, lol.
  • The logo was picked awhile back and I do believe it will stay. Also it is available to be used that was a mention in an old thread I just don't recall what it was called but it is available to everyone.
  • Yeah. There's a rather long dead thread where people argued the logo to death. You might find other stuff you like there too. I don't think this logo is meant to represent grinding in general but rather just the site.
  • Ahh man I feel a necro coming ;)
  • thanks guys! im gonna get it, but im gonna wait, still deciding where to put it. since im young and no established career experience im gonna get my tats someplace easily hidden (curently my legs are getting tatted up) once i have more experience in my career field ill start doing them on my arms and such then when i go job hunting later i can say "look i know i have full sleeve tattos but i also have such and such certification and X years of experience doing this" im thinking of  putting on the back of my neck or something.
  • If you have your hair down (I don't know why but I feel like you are female) I don't think they will notice.

    If I'm wrong about that feeling I'm sorry.
  • you are wrong. im a crazy cat GUY. not cat lady. if i was a girl i would have gotten a neck tattoo already for that very reason. i did have long hair at one point and was considering getting one a while ago, but i cut my hair short because i got tired of waking up 20 mins early to make it look like i gave a damn about my appearance at 3:30 am when I rolled out of bed to get to work on time lol 
  • Haha your not alone on the hair issue I did the same. I really have no idea why I was thinking your a girl but my b on that one. Any who...I would consider maybe just below the neck line on back by where the shirt is. I'm guess (because I'm doing so well at it) you wear a collared shirt for the job which would mostly hide it.
  • haha i don't i work in medical well so i wear scrubs, im in retail right now but i just graduated and im taking my licensing exams right now to get that first job, once i have at least a year or two of experience under my belt i won't care too much. 
  • I see... I'm gonna stop now since I'm just wrong all over the place lol
  • well you tried, a reasonable person would have killed themselves out of embarrassment by now. so 2+ internets for you lol
  • Can confirm, I have done worse. ^^'
  • @Jordygordy: the sigil on the site is released under a CC license and can be downloaded here.
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