Group Buy: N52 Nd Au & Parylene-C Coated Magnets

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I have been posting a bit of info I got on a Nd magnet quote in the Who Wants Smaller Magnets thread and it has drawn some interest so I am making this thread to let more people know about the order.  I know I am new around here and if someone who is a veteran wants to run it that is fine, I understand that from many group buys I have participated in on other forums.  So to the good part. 

I have a quote from a US company for some cylindrical NdFeB N52 magnets with a Ni-Cu-Ni-Au-Parylene C coating that are 1/16" (1.57mm) x 1/8" (3.18mm). The Parylene coating is applied via LPCVD at room temperature and is ~20 microns thick.   The minimum order is 395 pcs at $.38 each for a total of $150 + shipping. The next discount isn't until 1000 pcs  and that is $.35 but that's a lot of magnets.

So far with myself included there is interest in 150 pcs out of 400. I can always go higher if there is enough interest.

There is a 7-9 week lead time on the order since these are being custom made so I would like to place the order reasonably soon.  I will keep track of quantity and when I get reasonably close to 400 (or higher if needed) I'll go ahead and place the order and when I get them we'll work out the payment details, but the one thing I will request is payment before I ship them. But there's at least 7weeks to worry about that.  So reply to this thread or PM me if interested. I'll also keep things transparent and post the quote, the PO, and the like to show how things are coming along. 



  • I'm in for ten.
  • I'm in for 50. If we are short meeting our goal you can double my amount to 100.
  • I'm still in for the 50 I said in the other thread, and you can also add onto mine if necessary to meet the minimum.  Also, I'm posting about this group buy on another forum, so we might have more interest.
  • I'm in for 20.  And I'm hoping/guessing there's no problems with shipping internationally if you need to?  (I'm in the US).
  • I'm waiting to post my real amount until we get full interest, but consider me flexible for 50 until then. 
  • @Ian - Ok good to know, I will wait to hear from you about any interest from the other forum.  Thanks for spreading it around.

    @wcespy - I'm in the US as well and I can't see an issue with international shipping if it's needed.

    Looks like this is off to a good start, were over 200 pcs so I don't think it will be an issue about whether this goes or not just a matter of when. 
  • I'm interested in 50.
  • As of this post, we're almost to 300 (350, if we double @Shishou's).  I'd be surprised if we didn't meet the minimum within a week.
  • I am from ian's other site hes on. I was curious on what form of payments you'll accept.
  • Currently I have a Paypal account, but there is at least 2 months time between the order and the receipt so let me know what method you are interested in and I'll see if we can work it out before they are arrive.
  • I have a dwolla account and I think I have the BTCs bouncing around in an old wallet to purchase some magnets.
  • I looked over the Dwolla site and that looks interesting and I wouldn't have an issue setting up an account there to use for payment.  So if you want in I can add it to the list. 
  • I will take a couple. deciding how many I want.
  • Hey all,

    We're up to around 330 without @Shishou's doubling as I've had a PM so I will be ordering the minimum of 400 on Tuesday to give another day to see if anyone else is interested. 

    @Ian - Let me know if there is any interest from your other forum because I don't want to miss anyone if they are interested.  

    Thanks for everyone's interest.
  • rdbrdb
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    I'd like ten (EDIT: 15), please.  But I'm going on a two-week vacation at the end of this week, so if I would hold you back, then don't bother.
  • I think I'll go ahead and keep mine at 100 then as a final number. PM me the price and payment options when you are ready to start ordering and sending them Extrion.

    Seeing that I'm ordering such a high number I'll probably sell a few of them off for the price of postage, at a much later date. So if you missed out on the group buy or need more later feel free to contact me through PM. 
  • @rdb - No that won't hold the order back, so I have you down for ten.

    Well if my math is right we are at 390. Which means pretty much all of the minimum order is taken. So if I don't have any further additions by 12pm EST on Tuesday 6/12 I will place the order.
  • @extrion71:  Thus far, nobody else has contacted me on that forum, and I also told everyone there to post on this forum.  Also, if nobody else punches in by tomorrow, I can pick up the extra five or ten that we need.

  • @Ian - Ok I'll keep watch here, I wasn't worried about the last few that were left at this point.
  • rdbrdb
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    Increase mine to 15, that should bring you to the minimum order amount.
  • Just put me down for 100 please. They are cheap enough where I'd rather have plenty extra. Hopefully they work.
  • Ok, I have placed the order, now just have to try and wait patiently through the next 7-9 weeks.  The total requested came to 445, I ordered 500pcs in case of stragglers and the like, and if there are none then I have extra to play with.
    As I get info regarding the progress of the order, if there are any, I will post updates.

    Here's a quick rundown below of everyone's qty's, pretty sure it's accurate but let me know if I missed anything.
    Shishou - 100
    Jackthetripper - 100
    extrion76 - 50
    Ian - 50
    crazyivan - 50
    PM - 50
    wcespy - 20
    rdb - 15
    SovereignBleak - 10
    Basilisks - ?

  • extrion76: please count me in for 50 of them, sorry I'm that late. Hope you still have enough. PayPal option, PM me with details please... thanks
  • First post so first of all, hi everyone! Extrion76, if you are willing to send them to Australia and if there are any leftovers or anyone lowers their amount or pulls out, please put me down for up to 20. Much obliged.

  • @Ghost02236 - I ordered an extra 50 on top of the total from the group so I have the 50 you are requesting.

    @DunwichChild - I will keep that in mind and if I have any changes in quantity from anyone I will let you know.

    So as of now there are no extras available. 
  • Noticing a lot of stragglers coming in, I want to restate that I have ordered plenty extras and will work out sending them after the group buy is over.  
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    Just discovered this site an hour ago. I'd really like to get in on the paralyne magnets. Glad to hear there are extras. I'd like 20. I'm also in the US. Are we paying on PayPal?
  • Argh! I just got here too. Freak appearance from googling for "N52 parylene". Please put me down for 10, delivery to the US, paypal is fine (I'll advance too).

  • 20 sounds good for me right now. sorry forgot to check up.

  • <Lemminkainen> is a guy I know who applied to be on the site and wants to order 25. Just putting this on here so in case time is an issue I can cover and get them out to him. Should be approved soon enough.
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