Defcon/min grindfest

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We are trying to figure out what everyone would like to do for the next grindfest, we are planning on trying to get in on everyone who is going to defcon to meet up. I made up this question thing so people can tell us what they want to do.


  • Hey. This is getting close. I know a lot of people who are going but haven't seen much discussion. I know there's at least one Air Bnb booked. I'll be driving out from Tehachapi if anyone is nearby and needs a ride.

    Also!! Proteus and I drove out and recon'd the site for GF3. The dates are going to be 4/22, 23, and 24. The site is awesome. It's private property so I had to go schmooze the old dude there. He's totally ok with anything.. explosives, nudity, intoxication, and surgery.

    THE BIG QUESTION: How long do we want to be out there? The location is a little under a two hour drive. Although there is a touch of dirt any car can make it. The plan is for the paintball war to occur on the night of 4/23 Saturday. Did we want to just drive out Saturday morning and then drive back Sunday? I'm excited about having a desert excursion here. A huge bonfire is what we've been missing. We can also do a lot of the talks and whatnot out there. The disadvantage is that we won't be able to work on projects as easily. 

    So, one choice is to do projects on Friday night and saturday morning, then on Sunday. Or we can put up a few 30 ft by 10 ft tents and such and do the whole thing out in the desert. Generators for power etc. Ideas? 
  • it's giving me the error message @Benbeezy
    and @Cassox we are talking april of 2017? 
  • Yeah. Sorry if I didn't make sense.

    The DEFCON meetup is one thing. The next GF is next year.
  • What exactly is grindfest? Can anyone attend?
  • Yes anyone can go to grind fest
  • I'd love to know what plans are! I'll be booking defcon/miniGrindfest stuff shortly, and it might be nice to have something resembling a plan in mind this time instead of just showing up and winging it (for once, haha!) I'm not sure what plans are for individual labs, but I'll be more than happy to volunteer to help out where needed! Hauling, supplies, etc. Will the mini-meetup be at defcon/vegas, or just vaguely in that area?
    Also heads up, getting a db error @benbeezy
  • working on the error right now.
  • 404 love from the link for me as well.

    I think we should look at DefCon Meetup meeting places closer to Las Vegas. I'm pretty sure I won't have a car or easy way around. 
  • Yeah. Also, I'm driving out if anyone near me needs a ride. I think I have two seats available still.
  • Considering going up on the Saturday as a day trip, but I'm probably not going to buy a DefCon pass. Planning to go to Grindfest either way, but meeting in LV and comparing notes next month would be cool.
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    Hey. Anyone interested in doing some crazy shit while you're out? I was thinking of something like a game of trust poker.

    Some relevant info:

    Ok, so at least one of these studies was using 24 IU (international units).
    1mg of Oxytocin is 600 IU. So we can get around 24 doses for around 100 bucks plus shipping.

    The point? Well, Oxytocin is the so-called "Bonding" hormone. It's been shown to increase trust in a few studies where they used poker as a means of testing. This is a shitty synopsis. There were in-group and out-group factors and whatnot.. plus there was at least one study trying to call bullshit. Either way, Oxytocin has some pretty interesting effects on social bonding and cognition. The means of administration is also intranasal.. so a quick squirt up your nose.
    Anyone down?
  • @Cassox I'm down if I end up making it out.
  • I'd like to come, but being on the East coast makes things much harder.
  • Trust poker? Sounds like a party. I'm down!
    Aeris: I'll be coming from the east coast as well! Still figuring out flight plans though. Either flying directly to Vegas, or figuring out which nearby city is the cheapest flight and has people passing through who I can hitch a ride with :) It's a long journey, but worth it!
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    @BirdMachine, the distance isn't too bad, l have to finish my semester first and I'd rather not fail haha.
  • @cassox when is DEFCON i may be able to go, also, I'm down for just about anything.
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