Implanting a vibrator to help people ejaculate people with BDSM fantasies or SCI

There many people suffereing from anejaculation but there's what we call Penile Vibratory Stimulation it helps people with anejaculation problem to ejaculate through stimulating a vibrator next to their penis .. Implanting such a small vibrator inside the penis would help people who can't ejaculate through masturbation ( like BDSM or Spinal Cord Injury )  to ejaculate using the vibrator that is controlled remotely by the person himself 


  • well we are working on the lovetron9000 but thats more of a 'her pleasure' kind of an implant, I could modify it and put the vibration motor part of it some wires and you could run it up the shaft to the head, you would have a little bump where it sits, but its possible, then the rest of the device in the pelvic area just like the normal lovetron9000 This would make it bluetooth controlled over a phone and easy to use and recharge.
  • it is also 'his pleasure' because of Penile Vibratory Stimulation it helps men to ejaculate .. however are you selling the prototype or it is not finished yet ? when it is supposed to finish I want to implant if it helps me ejaculate ?
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     here ya go bud: 

    it's still in development.
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  • *sighs* i knew there would be a sexual implan soon.

    im just gonna jump with both feet into the water and ask, is there anyone i could make some extra cash with this by getting it implanted?
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