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  • any updates about this implant? I'm super interested. also, I'm suprised that this hasn't made more headlines LOL. 
  • Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. I've been on the road. This project has been a labor of love, and hopefully I will have the first one implanted in a few weeks. I will release the build instructions if I feel the design is good and aiming my dick isn't sent to Valhalla in a fiery explosion.
  • I am not in too much of technology I would like to know

    1 What type of recharging you'd use for the vibrator ?
    2 What application you use to play the vibrator or via Bluetooth to which device ?
    3 Will the implantation be in the pubic fat or in the middle or head of the penis ?
    4 Could you give us more informations and photos about the prototype
  • A friend of mine has implants in her back along with a battery pack. She charges it with a type of NFC wireless charger that has better range than the usual cell phone wireless charging. I don't know anything about the make or model of it. I assume that would be the way to do it. A charge port would be a higher risk of complication.

    Though my friend's battery malfunctioned and she had to sit with her back right against the wall where the charger is. It was eventually replaced with one that has a charge port and she's going back to wireless, even if it malfunctions again. She liked that better than the open charge port because she found it too uncomfortable. I imagine it would be more so in the pubic region compared to lower back.
  • @hassane32

    1) qi is the charging that is being use
    2) you can use a phone app, or computer application to connect to the device and and one of you can be in control of the device during sex, or if you want I will be programming different repeating patterns.
    3) it will be in the pubic fat, its to big to be put in the penis its self.

    @ketzevonstich I would love to know what she had, I have never seen something that charges wirelessly in a true medical implant. What is the purpose of that implant do you know?
  • I'll see if she knows what the wireless system was next time I talk to her. The implant itself was essentially a TENS unit implanted in her spine for pain relief.

    She has a degenerative bone condition that caused bone spurs to grow from her vertebrae into the surrounding muscles and into her spinal cord. It normally can be treated by surgical removal of the spurs, but her condition was so aggressive that they would have to operate multiple times a year. She's already developed a high tolerance to prescription narcotics so this was one of the few options she had left.
  • First of all: BBBwWWWAAHAHHAAHHAAAHAA!!!!  I have never laughed so much about vibrators in my LIFE. This is frickin awesome! :D 
    Second: maybe think of rigging a wireless charger pad, like for phones? A mini lithium battery should be no biggy, so why not? maybe design it like a condom or a band and sleep with it.
    Third: lol to the "thats what she said" crack. I would have said it myself if you didnt already. So much for maturity guys!! ;D
  • @DirectorX am i missing something? or... has nobody really mentioned this factor? (first off, is the purpose of the device one of intimate use?)  
    if that is the case, upon healing after implantation, would it not completely destroy the tissue surrounding it if one were to thrust the one eyed snake into a crevice of some sort? assuming the crevice is not overly wide, and fits the weapon of ass destruction snugly, the device, which i would assume would create a bump on your cervix crusader, would , unless it was somehow anchored really firmly in there, would bruise the hell out of your skin flute, if not tear tissue it is connected to... 
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    That was the best typed question I've ever read.
  • @Meanderpaul i was thinking it was just one of the biggest excuses to squeeze in as many references to the male genitalia as possible... Pardon me, I'll be in the corner, flustered.


    @dragon5 the entirety of the device is not going to be located within the Knight's sword itself, If i understood what was said correctly earlier up in it's description. 
  • @zerbula it absolutely was which is why I thought it was comical.

    @dragon5 the location was, I believe a discussion on possible locations but not located at the bone. It can be stimulated with out going into the big guy.
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    wait. so... a wearable? or... i'm confused.
    also apologies to @Zerbula my dear sir, i did not mean to fluster, just thought i could have some fun with the terminology without reffering to the anatomical protrudance by its typical mundane name. 
     ok. so i found this :  "The implant isn't going very deep.  It needs to stay close to the surface so that the vibrations aren't absorbed by excess tissue.  The whole thing will be sealed in silicone, so I'm not too concerned about a short."  so my question still stands... because if you look at the implant video up there, it was implanted smack dab in the center... i would assume that would be the most logical spot for the purpose of the implant... 
  • @Dragon5 "Here it is in a nutshell: I’m going to implant a vibrating subdermal implant just above my meat straw, on the pubic bone.  Yes, this means I will continue to be the world’s greatest lover (eight years in a row in my income division).  It is a crown that I promise to wear with zero humility. "

    For lack of... Fuck, my face hurts. Color me a prude. x-x lol
  • I AM DYING. You guys...make my sides hurt...from laughing too hard. Please make this a thing. I'll buy it for my own man, if he'd consider it. So just from the opposite end, I'm all for it. 
  • X_X 

    *Will be dying in the corner.
  • @Zerbula *will revive you with strong drink. I just think its hilarious. XD
  • ok . so it is implanted on the pubic bone area. (incidentally i had not known that we even had a bone there...)  but ok. so if it's there. you'd basically have to stay all the way in. for the device to create feelings of happiness in whoever you're in...    the way i'm visualizing it , it does not make any sense... help. please.

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    Well if you shake the base of the tree then the whole tree shakes right? 

    But yes, I guess your partner would only feel the full effect if they were riding all the way down to the trunk. 

    A lot like the little vibrating magic rings you can buy. Of course those have the added advantage of um... "extending duration". The batteries only last 20mins tho so for the rest of the evenings the wood is "buzz" free.

    I guess if you were planning on direct stimulation from (pubic bone to pubic bone as it were) then you could use those flat "coin" style vibrator motors like they used to use in pagers?

    I also think the idea of a kinetic generator in your happy sack is excellent, so any play with the smooth criminals during the pre-show just adds the charge for second half....ergonomic and entertaining.

    Apologies @Zerbula.
  • If my partner's pubic bone was vibrating, that would make things fun for sure. I know there's vibrators for women that are supposed to fit along with everything else during sex for both partners to enjoy, but I don't know how that plays out in real life.

    > Well if you shake the base of the tree then the whole tree shakes right? <

    And now I have the best visual in my head...
  • I couldn't help myself... language may have been humours, but it was serious feedback.

    Also after writing that I got wondering if the pitch of the vibration would be something you could change, possibly sync with an audio signal... [LINK]

    I mean if we're implanting for play rather than to recover basic functionality why would we be limited to just a basic vide? Why not add a bluetooth remote and install the app on your partners phone?
  • thanks for the explanation @Dr_Allcome it makes sense, but for it to properly transfer vibrations it would have to be in contact with the trunk itself...  which means it would probably not transfer the vibration as well if it were implanted at the pubic bone, because that area has alot of fat and even a bone to absorb the vibrations... of course if you were to ramp up the vibrations it could work .. but that would be sybian level vibrations... also. i just did an experiment ( for science obviously)  i used my cell as a vibrator. in the position of the implant . firmly touching the base of the tree as it were, and i observed that little to no vibration was felt at the tip of the iceberg. so unless the vibration is alot stronger... it would be dispelled...   this hack is actually pretty cool and has "aroused" my interest. that's why i'm being so critical... i think this is an awesome idea and i want to see it work :)
  • @Dragon5 I'm just guessing here, I assumed that the purpose of using two vibrator motors was to get more movement, plus an implant can be closer to the core as it were.

    Maybe @DirectorX can help clarify placement of his implant?
  • seriously, you guys are hilarious. also, AH NEED DIS. so let me know how to get my, erm, hands on one soon.
  • @DirectorX and I are hard at work on this. We did have one prototype working and we are now just working on how to make it stronger. The device is to be implanted just above the main sail and in the fatty tissue of the whale. Because it's in this area it should be hidden pretty well because of the squishiness.
  • @Benbeezy I was thinking about the problem of force, any solution will require increased power but it might help if you moved away from traditional vibrators (which are simply unbalanced flywheels on small motors) and go to an oscillating solenoid... 

    There is a kickstarter for a wearable sub woofer that seems to use that principle [LINK]

    I guess most commercially available solenoids would be long rather than wide if you see what I mean and not well suited to the intended position.

    If you had the power to drive it a micro sub woofer inside a flexible diaphragm might be a better choice?

    Just some ideas... 
  • that sounds kind of like how some LRAs work.

    We worked with another style of LRA (didn't use a voicecoil) and it would overheat very quickly. The strength wasn't so hot either. I think I'll try out one of those with the voicecoil, just to compare.
  • Has any thought about a zapping version of this? You know to give your partner a shocking experience? I would be down with a vibrator but I would rather be unexpected.... Also have you thought about placing battery's in the upper more region like literally move the power supply up to belt level? Also I have just glanced over this thread but how is it planned to prevent it from accidentally getting turned on, or worse off....

  • no comments for a couple years on this idea--still, maybe these will be useful.
    1) for safety, longevity and size have you considered modifying a pacemaker battery? pacemakers can also be programmed externally.
    2) the ratcheted mechanism used in self-winding watches would bypass the chemical component entirely while taking advantage (arguably) of every movement made by your body before and during sex.
    though storage devices for accrued energy of a [reasonably] portable size i cannot comment on.

  • Bring back the lovetron9000
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